Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving! Beautiful table setting from Family Holiday 


Happy Thanksgiving to the most gorgeous, sassy, stylish, fun, witty and fabulous of them all…YOU.

I am deeply grateful for:

Your continued support of Bitch Lifestyle

Your comments, questions and curiosity

Your willingness to be vulnerable

How open you are for MORE in your life

Your spirit

Your refusal to say “no” to anything you truly want

Your constant pursuit of pleasure

Your courage regarding your fears

How you adore every millimeter of your fabulous flesh

How you embrace your goodness AND your badness

You see how our emotions hold our truth

How brilliantly you release the emotion…even anger…to get to your truth

Your passionate pursuit of your dreams

Wishing you peace, love, abundance and everything you desire…

Love, Goddess


© S Stevens Life Strategies

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