Healthy Habits What A Bitch Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Doing

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Healthy habits…for your self esteem, dating, career and everything else fun in between!  These healthy habits for you … and the actions you put behind them are all sassy, fun and successful Bitch.  How many healthy habits do you prescribe to? 😉

1.   Reading books like “He’s Just Not That Into You” or “How to Land A Man.”  (Yes, that’s a real book too. Tried to find a link but…couldn’t…YES!)

2.   Compromising.

3.   Starting a sentence with… “The problem with you is…”  or  “No way I’d ever do that…”

4.   Failing to rise to the challenge.

5.   Whining about being bored or having nothing to do.

6.   Wallowing in the past or what (sniff) could have been.

7.   Spitting, cracking gum, slurping, burping, or itching certain areas in public.

8.   Shying away if she’s in the center of a scandal.  (She faces it head on with pleasure and rises above it.)

9.   Being a wallflower at an event or party.

10. Avoiding anything that’s scary, uncomfortable or makes her a little uneasy. (Bitch says Bring it On!)

11.  Like she just rolled out of bed in public.  (She takes the time to take care of herself.  She’s never one of those people walking in flip flops in 3 feet of snow, or wearing polka dot and plaid together)

12.  Saying “no” to an intriguing adventure or anything new.

13.  Whining.

14.  Shrinking or surrendering to a man. Letting him control her every move.  (Exception:  she’s “surrendering” to a man giving her pleasure in bed)

15.  Begging a man to stay after he’s told her he needs “space.”  (She blows him a sassy kiss or helps him pack.)

16.  Being embarrassed talking about her passions, fantasies and exploits.

17.  Devoting herself to a man after the first date.   (She plays the field with relish until a man shows he’s worthy of her)

18.  Being unappreciative to those she loves and all she has.

19.  Ignoring a man’s ego.  (A real Bitch appreciates it and works it for boths’ pleasure)

20.  When asked by someone “What’s new?”  She says “Not much.”

21.  Did I mention “whining?”


I know you checked off at least 15!  If not?  Then it’s the perfect time to take action and acquire of few more of these confidence building healthy habits!  Love, Goddess


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5 thoughts on “Healthy Habits What A Bitch Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Doing

  1. I love this list, but #11 works so well for French girls, sometimes Alexa Chung too (Phillip Lim’s muse!).
    Not the flipflops in snow though.

  2. Wish that I would have read this 13 years ago. My girlfriends used to call the guy I was with “the Spaceman”, because he always needed so much space. After reading so much stuff on this site, I am just laughing my ass off. And recently had a first date and got all the hopeful stuff in my head and emotions-like he is the only one on earth and the only one for me. I am definitely not going to initiate any communication with him! That’s just a set up to me for aggravation that I don’t need. Thank you so much Goddesspower!

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