Hedy Lamarr

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Gorgeous image of Hedy Lamarr from Classic Cinema Images

Hedy Lamarr…one of the most gorgeous movie stars to ever grace the big screen.  But we aren’t going to talk about that today.  Sure, I’m going to share some beautiful pictures of her for your viewing pleasure.  What we are going to discuss is something you may not know about her.  Have not one clue about.  The fact that this beautiful and talented actress had another passion.  She was also  a brilliant inventor.  That’s right.  She and her partner in invention crime, George Anthiel, discovered something so ahead of their time it took the world YEARS to catch up.  The year they patented their product was 1941.  It was a  “Secret Communication System” that rocked the world.  What they discovered did the following:

  1. Helped defeat the Nazi’s in World War 2
  2. Helped the United States military in numerous applications.  It helped us survive the Cuban Military Crisis.
  3. Completely changed the way the world communicates today.
  4. Enables us numerous forms of communication making work and life tasks run quickly and effectively.
  5. You now use the technology she developed every single day.

WAY ahead of her time.  So what did she and George Anthiel invent?

Spread Spectrum technology.


Spread Spectum technology manipulates radio frequencies at irregular intervals between transmission and reception.


Spread Spectrum technology forms the backbone of our modern day digital technology.  It allows us the pleasure of using fax machines, cell phones and all wireless communication.

Ahhhh…got it!

Another gorgeous image of Hedy Lamarr from Classic Cinema Images

Pretty cool, huh?  So there you have it.  Beauty and brains.  Talent and sexiness.  All rolled into one hot Austrian tamale.  The next time you use one of your wireless communication forms just remember who was the brilliant brain behind it.  The gorgeous and oh so talented Ms. Hedy Lamarr.  Love, Goddess

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