Honesty Serves Your Inner Goddess

Ninon de Lenclos from: The Fister Hotel

“The joy of spirit is the measure of its force.”  Ninon de Lenclos

Honesty serves your inner Goddess?

Yes…100%.  Think about the people who are always honest with you.  These people are more than likely fighting for you to be the best YOU.  Sometimes it’s painful to hear…but a person who truly loves you will be honest with you….the good, the bad and the ugly.  We must love ourselves as much as the people who love us for our honesty.  If someone can love you for your honest you and share that with you…how can we not see that honesty in ourselves and make it what we live for?  It’s our good. Our bad. Our ugly. That’s way I chose the tag line…”Love Every Drop of Gorgeous You.”

One of my favorite women in history is Ninon de Lenclos.  In an era where women were not expected to think for themselves, her intellect attracted the most powerful men in the world to her.  Kings included.  They craved her incite on whatever they needed to discuss.  From The Book of the Courtesans by Susan Griffin:

Ninon de Lenclos remained uncertain about religion all her life, though this uncertainty did not prevent an abbe’ from falling in love with her when she was 80 years old.  In her inimitable fashion, she continued to enjoy life and inspire admiration until her last breath at the ripe old age of 85.  True to her lucidly honest character to the end, just before her death, asking for pen and paper, she wrote:

“Let no vain hope be held out to make my courage waver.

I am of an age to die, what is there left for me to do here?”

After which she closed her eyes and died.

The abbe’ respected her honesty about her uncertainty about religion so much that he fell in love with her!  Her honesty invigorated him.  She wasn’t a spring chicken either at 80. Amazing. And then to honestly know she would be dead in a moment or two and share it and do it. It takes a lot of courage and honesty to know it is your time and be firmly at peace with it. Ninon lived her honesty each day of her life with vigor and enthusiasm. This is hard to do because it takes so much courage!  Courage to stand in your truth.  We live in a society a lot like hers now. The ones daring to be different are ridiculed.  The ones daring to stand up for themselves shot down or met with apathy.

People who lack honesty within themselves don’t know what they want.  When you know you want something you are passionate about it and fight for it!  So many people are going after what they think they want and it’s not making them happy.  By facing the truth and realizing they are not happy, they may have to ditch all they have accomplished.  And start over. Which is frustrating, depressing and really hard!  It can lead to apathy and what’s the use?  I’ll settle for this because of X, Y or Z.  Settling is not living and it’s certainly not being honest within yourself.

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Lola Montez image from Beautiful With Brains

“I must live before I die!”  Lola Montez

Link to the book by Lola Montez The Arts of Beauty or Secrets of a Lady’s Toilet…with Hints to Gentlemen on the art of Fascinating

It is never ever too late to discover who your honest self is and live it.  EVER.  That’s what life is all about.  Figuring out who the heck hot little you is.  And living it.  By enthusiastically embracing the discovery of Honest You, you will soar to levels of confidence you never thought existed.  Your energy will attract those with the same mind set and make you go even higher!  Sound cool?  Yeah it does!  So Bitch University is now open.  Explore the below classes to help you start taking ownership of you-your honesty and all the joys that come when you start living it!  Love, Goddess

Class Curriculeum:

  1. Start here for focus and to re-invigorate the lust you have for YOU and lifes’ possibilities:   The Bitch Rules
  2. Choice, Compromise and the Drama Queen
  3. Outsmart Back Stabbers
  4. For when you need a laugh:  Self-Esteem Quiz
  5. Bitch Lifestyle the Manual

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