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Hot Links-Sites I Love!

For Your Reading Pleasure:

Seductress:  Betsy Prioleau researched the great seductresses’ through history.  She brilliantly discovered a woman’s top aphrodisiac:  personal excellence.  Mmmmm!  Check our her web site and her fabulous book:  http://www.betsyprioleau.com/

Pinkalicious: Must read blog on beauty and fashion.  With the added bonus of sassy and fun! http://blondetxgoddess.blogspot.com/2011/06/pinkalicious-for-june.html



 Erotica from the fabulous Lexi Sylver.  Explore your inner naughty! http://lexisylver.wordpress.com/


The perfect photographer for your Personal, Business and Real Estate photos. What girl doesn’t want to shine?

The website: www.paulbritphoto.com


VintageSlips.com ~ Specializing in beautiful vintage lingerie from the finest labels! 

Sheila Kelley’s S Factor.  http://www.sfactor.com/index.asp Sheila Kelley: “My life changed so profoundly just from moving in this organically feminine way that I’ve dedicated myself to sharing this extraordinary Journey with other women.”

Christian Northrup, MD:   “True health is only possible when we understand the unity of our minds, emotions, spirits and physical bodies.”  http://www.drnorthrup.com/






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