How To Get A Girl To Chase You

A couple playfully enjoying themselves.  From Red Book Magazine:

I’ve met a guy who has been trying to get me to chase him.  I’ve been mildly amused at his tactics.  We are both part of a circle of acquaintances, so I run into him often.  He’s tried it all.  Texts designed to get my attention.  All in the wrong way.  All about him, no how are yous.  He’s used other women to get a reaction out of me.  He has lied.  It all makes me want to nap.  On Sunday night I was noting his tactics.  None of which I was buying.  A disturbing thought came up.  I thought, where is he getting this?  Is he learning these tactics somewhere?

So I googled “how to get a girl to chase you.”  42 million hits.  There are male coaches out there teaching other men these tactics!  I guess I was a little naive.  Okay…a lot naive.  So I started reading some of the tips.  All playing on a womans’ desire for attention.  Here are a few of the more common tactics.

  1. Questions designed to put you on guard so YOU are no longer doing the choosing.  HE is.
  2. Acceptance:  The woman has passed the mans’ specific tests.  Now the male can tell the female he approves of her.  Extra points for dragging it out so she has to work harder.
  3. Various talk about how her “hormones” will become heightened when they are attracted to a man.
  4. Men discussing how exciting it is for the woman when she chases the man. 

Yuck.  I could go on, but the whole thing disgusts me.  Want to know the reason there isn’t more love in the world?  It’s crap like this.  42 million pages on the internet alone about it.  These sites are not about “loving behavior” they are about “manipulation.”  This stuff breeds bad karma, lack of trust and potentially ruins love for good men and women.  So what’s a Bitch to do?  REBEL.  The moral of this little write-up is to be aware, ladies.  Be aware of the list above.  Watch for signs that a man wants you to chase him.  Don’t allow him this power over hot little you. and  This is about changing the Karma, embracing our power to choose and taking the power back from this manipulation.

Dating the Bitches Way:

  1. Women are the choosers and the seducers.
  2. We say “HELL NO!”  To men trying to get us to chase them.
  3. We adore the men that don’t play games and adore us.  Games we approve of involve tickling or some other such fun activity (sassy smile).

Love, Goddess

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