How to Get Him to Call You

I was scanning internet sites for news and interesting info late last night.  I saw a video entiltled, “How to get him to call you.”  Can you feel my eyes rolling at the thought of watching this drivel?  I’m going to share the link with you.  Watch it.   Afterwards I’m going to give you two words, that’s right, my two word answer to “How to get him to call you.”  Please don’t peak.  It’s much more fun the Bitch’s way.

Okay…did the process to get him to call you seem like a lot of work?  There were five steps in the video to get him to call you.  By doing these five steps you are doing all the work in dating or in the relationship.  If a guy truly likes you, he will call you.  They show the girl in the video waiting by the phone on her couch for his call.  When he finally calls,  she  jumps up and down like she just won the lottery!  Please… What sounds like more fun to you:  obsessing about a call that may never come or going out and enjoying life?  Find something anything that makes you feel good instead of waiting for a guy to call you.  Even when you are seriously dating.

So what’s my two word, one step answer to “How to get him to call you?”


These two words and ONE little step will save you so much time and frustration.  A guy who likes you will make time for you.  And please don’t count the late night booty call as a phone call.  These phone calls are just one thing: disrespectful.  Here’s how to deal with those:

So there you go.   Now that I’ve diverted your attention away from those five steps in the video…think of all the fun you could be having!  Play dates with girlfriends, flirting with all the other guys around you, taking up a hobby, a bath, visiting a new town, state, store, etc.  Go out and live your passionate life.  The man who wants to talk to you might be right around the corner!  Need ideas?  Your wish puts a smile on my face.  Here you go:  The bonus to all this is:  When you are passionate about your life and your fun you are turned on.   And nothing is more attractive to a man!

Love, Goddess

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