“I Love it When People Doubt Me.” Rodney Harrison

Rodney Harrison.  Photo courtesy of Fox Sports.


“I love it when people doubt me.”  Rodney Harrison.   I absolutely love this quote.  It’s inspiring and blunt.  When I get a smidgen of doubt, I glance at this quote in my office.  I remember when I first heard the quote.  Rodney Harrison was a football player on  The New England Patriots and had sustained a “career ending injury.”  Doctors, friends, family and the press were all telling him it was over.  But he still wanted to play.  He wasn’t ready to retire.  His passion for playing football was full throttle.  So he worked his (might I say very cute) butt off to get back on the football field. 

And Mr. Harrison did.  He got back on the football field and played two more seasons.  He recently retired and is a commentator on NBCs Sunday Night Football.  While at New England, he was a fiery, passionate and motivating leader on the team.  And I learned a lot from listening and watching him during his years as a New England Patriot.   Thank you Mr. Harrison for your inspiring strength and leadership.  For teaching me to look fear and doubt in the face and go for my passions.  For teaching me how to inspire those I’m leading.  You taught me that whatever wall is thrown up before me I must break through it to learn, grow and get to the next level of success. 

So who inspires you?  Is there a quote that makes you sit up straighter and continue?  A picture?  An inspiring story from your own life or a book/movie?  Let’s all take a moment and bask in that inspiration.  Thank you thank you!  Then look fear and doubt in the face, smile at it and blow it a sassy good-bye kiss!

Love, Goddess


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