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I love a man who can cook!  My Celebrity Chef Crush is the super sexy John Besh.  I first saw him on Iron Chef America and he beat Mario Batali.  That really impressed me: I think all the creations Mario makes look delish.  Mr. Besh was on the cover of Parade magazine http://www.parade.com/ a few weeks ago.  He has a new TV show on PBS that will start airing next spring, 2013:  Chef John Besh’s Family Table.   Do you know what inspired this latest success of his?

A kick in the *** from his hot wife, Jenifer.

From Parade article:

The award-winning chef of nine restaurants highly regarded cookbooks like My New Orleans: The Cookbook  came home and stumbled upon something that made his stomach sink:  a crumbled up fast food bag.  He snatched up the offending item, showed it to his wife, Jenifer, and asked:

Besh:  “Really?”

Jenifer:  “Yes,” she answered unapologetically.

Jenifer is raising 4 boys aged 7-16.  Definition of active.  I’m tired just thinking about that one.  Like me, she isn’t naturally drawn to the kitchen.  How smart is she that she picked a hot guy who can cook?  She added the following zinger:

Jenifer:  “If you were half as concerned about what your boys eat as what your customers eat, we’d have a healthier family.”

He realized his wife was right and vowed to make amends to her and their sons.  So now he makes the time to cook and ENJOY dinner with his family.  I love him even more.  And Jenifer?  Instant girl crush!  Moral of the story is an intelligent man will take action when the woman he respects calls him on his crap.  This is so very sexy to me!  It is one of the door ways to success for couples!

Love, Goddess

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