Ice Dancing Perfection

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Ice Dancing Perfection. Last week I was blown away by the grace, beauty and strength of this ice dancing team from the United States:  Meryl Davis and Charlie White.  Their fluidity and execution is the result of natural talent and working hard together for 17 years.  17 years.  Success doesn’t happen over night, beauties!  Perfection has hard work behind it. Last night they skated for the gold medal.  I resisted the urge to peak at the spoilers.  I wanted to watch them skate without knowing the outcome.  It makes the watching that much more powerful…the not knowing how it turns out.

As I watched them perform, this Sassy Bitch started to cry.  Cry because the beauty of their skating moved me to it.  The way they move together and the way her body moves!  The body of woman is such a pleasure to watch.  Meryl has trained her body to make the movements look effortless.  And we all know the truth.  We cannot duplicate that artistry without breaking something!  So I wanted to share with you.  Share the inspiration of hard, yet passionate work.  The beauty of it all coming together.   I wanted you to have this to help you take the next action on the path to your dreams.  To make you want to relish more.  Strive more and celebrate all your victories on the path to sweet perfection and success! To you reaching and attaining whatever aspiration that is going to give you your gold medal in life!

This video shows their recent performance in Boston Mass.  It’s the same performance they used in the Sochi Olympics.  Enjoy.  Want more?  Here is their website for more!  Meryl-Charlie  

Love, Goddess

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