If You Can’t Give to Yourself, How do You Expect Others to Give to You?

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If you can’t give to yourself, how do you expect others to give to you?

So…why is it so hard for us to do?

One big reason why:  What is the One Flaw in a Woman  

Now lets just do it.  Today we do something really good.  Just for us.  Make a list of things that make you feel really good.  And do one.  Or two.  Print out a couple copies.  Take one to work.  Put one next to your computer at home.  Put one next to your bed.  Put needed items to do things on your list handy.  Slow down for just a moment and give yourself a little love.  Here are a few things on my list to get you started, if needed.

1.   Workout:  S Factor, Kick Boxing, relaxing stretching.

2.   My favorite lotion-always handy.  So I can moisterize, slow down and enjoy the lush and lovely scent.

3.   Do  a loving act of good:  give someone a warm sincere compliment, open a door for an older woman, vounteer.

4.   Shimmer puff…to make my skin sparkle.

5.   Music that makes me feel good.

6.   Red wine-Pinot Noir and Bogle Petit Shiraz.

7.   Shower or Bath.

8.   Yummy smelling candles and incense.

9.   Lip Gloss, lip stick, perfume, etc.

10.  A favorite novel, DVD, or funny videos.

11.  Pictures of people I love.

12.  My cozy, soft and warm blanket to snuggle up in.

13.  My favorite tea.

14.  Smut!  Magazines, novels, etc.  Extra racy!

15.  A chat with someone I love over the phone.

16.  Beauty treatment…manicure, pedicure, massage.  Go to a spa or make your own at home.

17.  Fantasizing about my next adventure!  Then taking steps to make it come true!

18.  Insert your ideas here!

19.   One of my followers on Twitter @MomEinstein had these great ideas:  Eat dessert and read the novel you’ve been meaning to.

Please please share some ideas for us here to enjoy!  And take the most important step of taking care of yourself.  No guilt.  It will make your smile brighter, your sleep more restful and over time more and more adorable!  Love, Goddess

This blog is dedicated to my best friend, Mary Ann who has taught me many things.  One of the most important—taking better care of myself.

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8 thoughts on “If You Can’t Give to Yourself, How do You Expect Others to Give to You?

  1. I love you! Than you for this blog! you my bitch get wiser and sassy-ier! you make me SO proud!

  2. Start learning something new! Learn an exotic dish and cook it for yourself. Parlez-vous français? Learn a language! Wondering how relationships are different in other countries? Google it! Learning is not only fun you get to learn about yourself through it too (what you like/dislike/stand up for) and you’ll have more interesting topics to talk about to interest your date :)! Knowledge always comes in handy. Learn!

  3. Plant some flowers into a nice big pot just before they flower.

    Then check every day to see if they have bloomed – once they do then it’s like a beautiful wee present!

    You get the joy of knowing you help bring little more prettiness into the world 🙂

  4. Yes! Awesome, Tori. I have some bulbs I forced this winter that have just been taken out of the fridge. Love, Goddess

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