Impatience…a virtue?


Self-love tip of the Day:  When you are feeling something…really feel it!  You have no idea the incredible resource your emotions are.  Internationally known for her empowering approach to women’s health and wellness Dr. Christiane Northrup says:  “You have to feel it to heal it.”


I wanted to exercise last week and my music machine wasn’t working for me.  I got more and more impatient.  I wound up yelling at the machine and breaking my Madonna’s Greatest Hits CD.  Now that was productive, wasn’t it?  LOL.  Actually…it was.  I learned a lot when I stopped and listened to what my body and my impatience were telling me.  I realized how destructive and pointless my impatience was.  But you know what?  I may not have seen that so clearly if I hadn’t allowed myself to get so upset.


Women have been taught by society to be “unemotional” to get ahead.  Good practical advice.  You don’t want to be breaking things at board meetings!  But there’s truth and learning in all our emotions: even the unpleasant ones.  Our bodies are screaming for us to deal with it.  Can you imagine what a lifetime of tamping down negative emotions can do to a person?  If we don’t listen to those emotions, we can’t learn what’s bothering us and then we can’t solve the problem.  The problem keeps getting buried deeper and deeper in our bodies.  Then, since we don’t learn anything, the problem grows.  Slowly, over time, you start dealing with negative emotions in a not so productive way.


What did I learn from breaking that CD?  When I stopped to listen to my impatience, I realized how patient I was with everyone I cared about.  I’m loving, understanding and always encourage them so they can succeed.  The perfect cheerleader.  Why couldn’t I be my own cheerleader?  The impatience told me I needed to be more patient with myself.


Now when things aren’t going right I slow down and breathe.  I give myself a hug by doing something that makes me feel good.  It may be a nice hot shower, putting on some lip-gloss, dancing to a fun song.  Then I’m off to the races again.  Happy, focused and motivated in my tasks for the day.


This took practice, ladies.  Just like savoring and celebrating yourself.  Embracing the negative in you and seeing the message within takes practice.  Investment in yourself— investment in your inner Goddess.  So practice giving yourself a break.  The next time you are pissed off, sad, impatient, exhausted beyond words, do something pleasurable for yourself.  Relax and realize your body is telling you something.


I’m going to frame that Madonna CD.  Why?  To celebrate my impatience. My impatience has taught me so much.  Thank you impatience!  Love, Goddess

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