It’s Glamour Week, Beauties!

Ahhhh….Glamour. That lovely luscious Glamour Diva that pulls out all the stops in the name of her beauty. She tantalizes, seduces and with a bat of her lashes gets her every desire.

She’s probably the last thing you’re thinking of today. After all, you just came off a long weekend full of celebrating, barbecues and relaxing. It’s a Tuesday that’s really a Monday and you are busy! Career, kids, errands, commuting. Some of you are probably reading this and thinking: Really Goddess, did you sniff too much fresh air this weekend? And you know what? For all of you out there thinking I’m a little crazy with this glamour stuff first thing in the morning? I think it’s cute. It makes me smile. Remember my Destine story from Miami? If I can work Destine in the name of fun and pleasure, can you maybe, just maybe bask in a little of your glamour today?

And I mean just a little taste. Some of you may want to go full out. And I humbly applaud you!!! Like fun, flirting and loving every inch of you, glamorizing takes practice. But what fun! Here’s your week to play with your gorgeous self. Experiment and discover what makes your inner fashionista purr. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Take some lip gloss, lipstick or even chap stick out of your purse and work it right now. Admire your self in  the mirror as you put it on. Seduce yourself in the mirror with it!
  2. Spritz yourself with your favorite perfume that you only wear for “special occasions.” Because every moment you are alive you ARE a special occasion.
  3. Take a few moments to enjoy yourself being the heroine in your favorite book or movie.  Eat something really glamorous: Brie, drink champagne or nibble on Belgium chocolate.
  4. Take a few extra minutes tonight to take care of your beautiful self before you go to bed. Use your favorite body moisturizer, spritz on some shimmer, brush your hair and savor the feel of it.
  5. Buy yourself flowers and put them by your bed.

 For extra credit: Bring something to work with you tomorrow that makes you feel fabulous. Those Chanel sunglasses, that bright red lipstick, a diva scarf. Whatever! Listen to your inner diva and let her run a little wild.

As always, I eagerly await what you discover during this “experiment with glamour.” And if you have yummy ideas? Please share with everyone! Love and a big red lipstick kiss, Goddess

 © S Stevens Life Strategies

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