It’s a Wonderful Memorial Day

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This weekend here’s to YOU and your wonderful life! Image from  i704 Photobucket

My favorite movie of all time is It’s a Wonderful Life.  If you don’t know the story and you haven’t watched it.  WATCH IT!  The hero in the movie, George Bailey, makes sacrifice after sacrifice for his family.   Near the end of the movie, a mistake by a family member threatens to ruin George. (Uncle Billy loses $8000.00 which is owed to Mr. Potter.  Uncle Billy thinks he’s lost it, but it is actually stolen by Mr. Potter)  Mr. Potter has been trying to get the upper hand over George and now has it.  George tries to fix the problem caused by his uncle by offering Mr. Potter his insurance policy as collateral.  Mr. Potter has no interest.  He wants to own George and the town.  Mr. Potter, enjoying his triumph says to George:  “You’re worth more dead than alive.”  Which, because it is the truth, rocks George to the core.  Because of this truth and because he loves his family so much, he actually contemplates suicide.  What he sees at this horrible moment in his life are all of his failures.  How at this moment all the hard work and sacrifice has only brought him here…failure.  And being a wonderful man, can only think of how to save his family from suffering.

He doesn’t understand all the people he helped and has touched along the way.  Clarence, his guardian angel shows him how his sacrifices made everyone elses’ life better:

  1. George is deaf in one ear because he saved his brother when he fell through some ice on a pond.  If he hadn’t been there to help his brother, he would have died.  When George’s brother enlisted in the army, George stayed behind to take care of the family business and loan office.  If he hadn’t done this, his brother Harry wouldn’t have been there to save all the men on his sea transport.
  2. George was working for the local pharmacist.  The pharmacist was completely distraught over the death of his wife.  George saves him from making a terrible mistake regarding someones’ medication.
  3. Georges’ one wish was to travel the world.  He planned to do this on his honeymoon with his new wife, Mary.  He didn’t go at the last-minute because Mr. Potter was planning a financial coupe that would affect everyone in town.  He forgoes his honeymoon and saves the day.
  4. Because George kept his savings and loan office open, the families in town didn’t have to go to Mr. Potter for loans.  Mr. Potter was all about owning, not the people.  George knew this and worked with all the families so they could have their homes and freedom from Mr. Potter.  His family had less, but the whole town was free of the tyranny of Mr. Potter.
  5. When George thought he was ruined from the $8000.00 loss, those who loved him took action and raised the money.

A Wonderful Life reminds me of two important things:

What you give you get.   Mr. Potter took and took and took.  He had no one.  He was bitter and consumed with a need to best George.  Talk about a Drama Queen, eh?

What you do affects everyone around you.

A lot of people today seem to be unaware of how their actions affect others!  My improv group has regular performances on Saturday nights.  I am surprised about how many people are late to the shows.  Not just 5 minutes, but up to 20 minutes late.  I really appreciate them coming and I regularly thank them.  But they walk in late and distract from the show, so that affects everyone else.  Then you go to the market, store or whatever and people stop to look at their receipt or something and they stand in the door.  They just stop.   Or people have a lot of drama in their lives and walk around like Debbie Downer all the time.  Everyone has a bad day, but these people have a bad week, month, etc!

I think a lot of this has to do with being distracted with the important things in life-like giving to those you love and respecting others.


We are distracted by so many things!  And so much of it is fluff!  I was talking to a bunch of women in their early twenties recently.  Just for fun, I asked them about things that would benefit them over time, current events and things that could inspire them in their career paths.  (For instance if they wanted to start a business I would ask them what business people they were inspired by) Not one knew who the Vice President of the United States was.  Not one had someone they considered a mentor.   But they all knew Beyoncé was pregnant.   I asked them how knowing Beyoncé was pregnant would help them with their career paths. (With a wink and a smile)  They got it.  I sent them on their way with a fun list of things to do to help them focus on their passions.

Now I’m all for a little smut now and then.  But keep up, people…with what is important.  I wish Beyoncé all the best but she doesn’t care one whit about my problems and I don’t expect her to.   So ask yourself this, hotties.  How focused are you on whats’ important?  Notice how everyone else is distracted from what is important.  I was at dinner the other night and saw a family out together.  The two adults were talking and the four kids were on their phones texting.  The whole time.  Even when their food came.  These kids don’t know how to enjoy their parents, their parents don’t seem to be enjoying them and no one enjoyed the food.  I found it sad.

So when is the perfect time to “un – distract” yourself?  Right now is the perfect weekend!  It’s Memorial Day weekend and I, Bitch Guardian Angel, am giving you one little task.  Unplug.  Keep your computer off.  Turn your phone off and put it away.  Especially when you are at that barbecue or with the ones you love.   What you give is what you get:  Do something nice for someone just because you can!  What you do affects everyone around you:  Notice what your family does that you absolutely adore.  For instance, my Mom is so darned cute when she gets a new appliance.  She walks around with her directions and shares how to use it.  It’s cute because it is so her!  It always makes me smile.  When someone around you makes you smile give them a hug and say thank you.  See how infectious that is?  Do the same just for fun.

Memorial Day is about something much deeper than a couple extra days off.  Memorial Day is about sacrifice.  George gladly sacrificed for those he loved in It’s a Wonderful Life.  Memorial Day is about the sacrifice of men and women who fought and died for our country.   Triumph.   Their triumph is our triumph.   Their triumph allows us to enjoy our new appliances, texting, shopping, barbeques and wonderful families.  Know anyone who was or is in our Armed Forces?  Thank them.   Bonus points for huge, warm hugs.

You have three days…unplug and immerse yourself in what is truly wonderful…moments in life.  Love, Goddess

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