July 4th Sassy Assessment

Celebrate everything this July 4th…Image from Public Domain Pictures

Hey there Beauties!  Are you excited about the super long weekend?  July 4th falls on Tuesday and we have 5 full days to celebrate our country and how lucky we are in every facet of our lives!  Are you ready to up the ante a bit? How about adding your Drama Queen, Bratty Brat or Bitch to the mix? Are you feeling…

  1. Drama Queen:  Are you in your Drama Queen?  Are you mad because you aren’t getting the attention you deserve?  Are you throwing hissy fits because your favorite bagel is gone at the local bake shop?  Irritated at your man because he isn’t doing exactly what you want when you want?  Take control of this Drama Mama by putting all your attention on you.  Turn off your cell.  Turn off your computer.  Assignment:  Read this article Beauty Rituals Empower You and create your best EVER.  Luxuriate in it.  L u x u r i a t e.  !!
  2. Bratty Brat:  No one does it all like you do.  YOU do it perfectly.  No one works harder at work. No one keeps their home cleaner. No one has the financial mind you do. No one knows how to throw a dinner party like you do.  NO ONE.  Problem is, Brat?  You’re really not so fun to be around because you aren’t slowing down to appreciate all you have going for you.  Assignment: Appreciate.  Now this is going to sort of piss you off but I want you to try anyway.  I want you to spend the long weekend appreciating everything you have. From the air you breathe to the pipes that bring you indoor plumbing.  Every single little thing, Bratty Brat!
  3. Bitch:  You’re in your Bitch.  Congratulations!  I even have an assignment for you.  It’s something the Drama Queen and Brat have a seriously hard time doing. Assignment:  Sit back, smile your most beautiful smile and be in the moment.  Notice the moment.  The more you are in your Bitch the more you are in the moment. Whatever is happening is happening and you are serene, happy and content.

Happy is one of the most beautiful things in the world.  Find your happy this long weekend.  Or up the ante on your happy.  Celebrate whichever face of the feminine you are in and discover how wonderful each one is.  Let me know where you are…how the assignments go and have the happiest July 4th ever!!!  Love, Goddess

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  1. Yes…I’m back Lovely 1…thanks 4 the happy smile! I will have more to say in the coming weeks… Love, Goddess

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