Kick Up the Summer Fun!

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I want Summer FUN!! Can you believe it’s almost mid-July?  Summer seems to be flying by.  Before you know it, it will be September and a whole lotta Fall to love.  NOT until we eek out every juicy drop of summer fun though!  So this is your almost Mid-Summer kick in the ***!  How is that play like a kid again list going?  Have you frolicked, skinny dipped, partied by moonlight, made out in the warm summer rain, picked ripe berries, been to a fair, planned a trip by a lake, pond, stream, ocean, eaten gooey s’mores or rocked out to an outdoor concert?


I’m not letting summer get away from you.  It’s too precious!  Here are some past articles to get the summer juicy flowing:

  1. Like a Kid Again
  2. Fun for the Thrifty Bitch
  3. Get Outrageous 

Dare to go for more fun than you thought imaginable this summer.  Dare to say an enthusiastic “more!” to fun when you just want to curl up and go to sleep.  Do this especially if you’re making excuses not to go out.  Try it.  You may like it.  😉  Oh…and if you’re knocking home run after home run on the fun train this summer?  SHARE here and on our Facebook page: Bitch Lifestyle  Sassy Bitches are always looking for a new adventure!

Love, Goddess

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