Kim Kardashian’s Faux Marriage

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Kim Kardashian’s Faux Marriage.  This is something we can learn from and Rebel against.  You know how I’m all about the Rebellion.  My first inkling this was all a faux marriage was a month ago.

I’ve had the flu not once in the past month but twice!  So I’ve spent a lot of time in bed watching crappy tv.  All they show on E television is “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding.”  I finally watched it.  Something struck me as odd.  When the dude (minister, reverend, was he legit?) was saying the final part, where I now pronounce you “man and wife,” Kim wasn’t looking at the guy she was marrying.  (I don’t care what his name is.  I’m not going to waste my time looking it up)  What Bride doesn’t look at her Groom then?  A Bride who isn’t in love or into it.  My humble Bitch opinion.

(This is dripping with sarcasm)  Then!  The new season is coming up in a few days!  Kim and Khloe take New York or something.  And now Kim is divorcing. Coincidence?  I think not.  I think it’s all some publicity stunt for her TV show.  And it’s ALL over the internet.  These people are making a  mockery out of a sacred institution, marriage.


This whole story plays on the “drama” and “spectacle” of marriage.  (More sarcasm)  Marriage is about some big ceremony and a ridiculously priced designer dress.  It’s about dumping truck loads of money into some event that lasts less than a day.  This is about the woman being “Queen for a Day,” or the familiar term:  “Bridezilla” having her day.  Her day.  Speaking of money and weddings, young girls are becoming Bridezillas before they even get proposed to.  I was in a restaurant on Tuesday night and there was a party going on in the next room.  The people at the next table asked what the party was for.  The waitress said:  “It’s a wedding party.  I mean, who gets married on a Tuesday night?  They must be really cheap people.”  I was floored.  I could think of a million reasons why someone may get married on a Tuesday night.  Maybe Tuesday night has some significance.  It could be when they first met.  Or maybe it was a second or third marriage.  Maybe they met at that restaurant and that was the best night available. Or maybe they wanted to spend the money on a honeymoon, put it in an IRA or make a down payment on a house.  Anyway, my first thought in no way was “they’re cheap.”

And I’ve heard comments like that a lot more than I would like to admit from women.

Marriage is about love.  Sticking together through tough times.  It’s about YOU and HIM.  It’s about the vows, not the money.  I mean really, how many starving people could have been fed off Kim Kardashian’s wedding?  Maybe it’s the romantic in me.  Maybe when I get married I want it to be simpler.  Surrounded by memories of how we met, activities that we love and adventures that we had.  Maybe before I get married I will discover any “irreconcilable differences” we may have.  Maybe I take love and commitment to those I love seriously.  When I say I’m there for you I am.  When I say I’ll love you no matter what I do.  Just because something is “hard” like a commitment, doesn’t mean you just stop doing it!  Quitting like this is so lame.  Like this quote I saw somewhere that says:

Put your big girl panties on and deal with it.

So I’m officially rebelling against the mocking of a sacred institution:  Marriage.  I’m putting my attention on the healthy version.  The Bitches’ Version:  “To love, honor, appreciate, respect, cherish and play our asses off together.  Til’ death do us part.”

Love, Goddess

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4 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian’s Faux Marriage

  1. I love your blog, however, judge not and thy will not be judged. If she decided 72 days into the marriage he was not the one and wanted to divorce, even though she is a reality star, I think she should be left alone and not being harassed just because she does not want to be with him. Maybe she should just return the money and presents and leave it at that. But we are not in the middle ages anymore; if a woman or a man decides they want a divorce, that is their business. Reality Show aside, she has every right to get a divorce, 72 minutes, 72 days , 72 weeks or 72 months after the marriage.

  2. Hi Carolina,
    Thanks for loving my blog! I appreciate your opinion on the whole Kim Kardashian matter. You’re right. A woman can decide when she want a divorce. I was voicing my opinion also. Not judgement. Maybe she does have a great reason for the divorce. My opinion is that I would discuss “irreconcilable differences” before getting married. Marriage, in my opinion, doesn’t seem to be taken as a serious commitment these days. I think it helps a commitment if the couple has discussed major deal breakers before getting married. Where to live, how many children they want, religion, etc. I get comments and emails from women every day who don’t consider these things until it’s too late. I’m hoping that discussing matters like this helps women make wise choices for them. Love, Goddess

  3. Excellent article! I totally agree….very sad that the focus nowadays is on the wedding and not on the marriage. Weddings are ridiculously commercialized, and bridezillas want everything to be about them. Many people don’t realize that the wedding is only the beginning of the marriage.

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