Know the One Thing You Have Control Over?

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Do you know the one thing you have control over? 

The world is full of obnoxious people.  They come in two varieties.  Male and Female.  The world is full of people having a really bad day.  They come in two varieties.  Male and female.  The world is full of normally good people that aren’t happy.  They come in two varieties.  Male and Female.  Do you see a pattern forming here?  LOL.  On any day you may encounter one.  At your job, on a date, at the grocery store.  They may be a colleague, someone in your circle of friends, or a family member.  The bottom line:  you’ll encounter one. 

And the ONLY thing you have control over is:

How you deal with them.

How do you deal with them?


Don’t you hate that answer?  (insert good laugh here)

It’s the only choice that’s going to save your sanity.  I’ve given many examples of how I do that in my life here.  The disturbed girl whom I don’t know who contacts me through Facebook over a guy.  The men who want to date me and are rude.  Women who are competive, rude and dismissive.  Sound familiar, Kelly? 😉

Solution:  You must take care of yourself.  If you get rid of all the sludge and frustration, your Bitch will emerge and take care of you.  You’ll breeze through encounters with these people with charm, wit and no guilt.  You won’t second guess yourself when some guy is being rude to you.  You’ll call him on his crap and be done with him.  You’ll see how you can do things better and then do them.

Here’s an example of one of those people:  The Button Pusher.

The Button Pusher is usually someone that knows you quite well.  They know exactly what to say to get to you.  They follow you around the room, the office, the whatever with their index finger pointed at your rib and are constantly jabbing at it.  These are very unhappy people that revel in making others unhappy.  That’s their goal.  You can’t change it.  If it’s someone in your family or at work, you have to stay in control.  And you do that by not giving them what they want:  You miserable.

Take control by taking care of YOU:

1. Get physical.  For me, kick boxing works the Button Pusher frustration out of my body.  What do you do?  Yoga?  Meditate?  Dance?  Run?  Find a way to dissipate that negative energy from your life.  This is individual.  Make it a fun experiment.

2. Practice encountering the Button Pusher.  Practice making a polite excuse to leave the room, building, etc.  Rehearse excuses in a mirror.  Practice makes perfect.  Button Pushers feed off getting someone upset so, over time, you become not fun.  Let them move on to another target.  They will because they need one to thrive.

3.  One more thing.  This is going to be hard.  Try not to say or write anything bad about a person you know.  Keep it to yourself, or vent to your best friend or spouse.  Emails, texts, Facebook, telling persons A, B, or C, could bite you in the back.  Rumors are so viral in our society.  Rumors are the super highway to drama.  Kick box out the urge, girlfriend!

This is not easy, remember.  But you have to do it for you.  The one thing you have control of is taking care of you…so do it! 

Big Hug, Goddess

This post is dedicated to a hot woman on our Facebook community, Kelly, who wanted to open discussion about not so pleasant people in life.

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5 thoughts on “Know the One Thing You Have Control Over?

  1. Thanks Goddess for tips of taking care of myself. She knows I am going on as if nothing happened (she created a fake account and added me). Anyone who’s been reading my FB/Twitter updates knows health tweets are my forte, and not occupying the whole space about her. I actually lavish in the thought that she’s worried over me giving her bad publicity. hahaaaa

    I wished I have something to box here – but only for fitness purpose. A trampoline can also help. 😉

  2. This was the best advice babe. It requires work however, to be calm and not let them get to you. Great ideas and suggestions. Thank You!

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