Know Your Voice


Do you know your Bitch voice from your Drama Queen voice?

The two voices are so very different.

Your Drama Queen inner voice is a big pain in the ***.   She never looks out for you.  She makes you feel like crap.  She worries over nothing, frets, moans, whines, kvetches and can be really mean and competitive.  Here are examples of things she may say to you:

  1. I’m too fat, ugly, have a horrible complexion and my hair has the consistency of string cheese.
  2. I’ll never get married.  There are NO men out there.  I will always (sniff) be   AHHHLOOOONNNEEE!
  3. He hasn’t answered my text from 2 minutes ago.  He doesn’t like me anymore.  (3 minutes later)  He still hasn’t answered my text!  He’s seeing someone else.  I just know it.  I’ll text him again.  (1 minute later)  Oh my GOD.  He hasn’t answered either of my texts.  Whhhhyyy?????
  4. She is really ugly, fat, weird, etc.
  5. I hate her.
  6. I hate me.
  7. WHY????  Does this always happen to MEEEE????
  8. No one understands me.
  9. No one cares.  Especially my guy.  I’ve texted him 3 times today and he has not answered me.  I hate him.
  10. Drama Queen text to the guy she likes:  I really don’t appreciate how you have not answered my texts today.  It is not cool.  Don’t you respect me enough to return my texts?  Where are you?
  11. What’s the use.  I’m going to the store, buy a gallon of ice cream and go to bed.  Ice cream is my love, my passion, my sniff!  Love.

She’s a lot of fun, isn’t she?  LOL.

You know who is a lot more fun?  Your Bitch voice.  She rocks.  She is NEVER mean.  She uses very few words.  She knows what you need before YOU do.   She says things like:

  1. I’m not going out with him again.
  2. How are my investments doing this month?
  3. Go for a walk.
  4. Buy condoms.
  5. I want fun.  Right now.
  6. Check your calendar.  (There is something you need to do right now)
  7. I’m getting perfect parking.
  8. I haven’t gotten any free food lately.  I’d like that.
  9. Mmmm….follow through from my guy.  HOT.
  10. If I eat that, I’ll feel like crap.  Not worth it.
  11. That is not going to fly.  Fix it.
  12. Be polite.
  13. That’s a load of BS.
  14. Stay calm.
  15. No.
  16. That was SO good.
  17. I’m busy with XYZ.  I’ll call him later.
  18. Take a break.

Notice how bottom line your Sassy Bitch is?  She never makes you feel terrible.  I’m not saying you will never feel terrible.  Stuff happens.  Take the moment to listen for her wise voice and focus on something ANYTHING to get your mind off the hurtful Drama Queen and into Action Bitch.  Love, Goddess

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