Life is Full of…and it’s Not Cherries

LOVE from Pic Stopin:

Life is full of shit.  You just have to walk around the piles.”

Yes…a true Sassy Bitch has learned how to do this.  A true Sassy Bitch wants to grit her teeth and scream about it sometimes, but we rise to the occasion, right?  In the long run we know that by being polite, charming and dealing with unpleasant things upfront we get and keep all the power.  We see the effects of it when we weld it.  We see the weaker slink away…back into their shit.  Yeah, maybe sometimes it’s a bit of a pain to be polite and charming.  The fruits of our labor are so worth it:

1.  When we let that Queen Bee wanna be, with her passive aggressive ways to get attention, stew in her personally created drama and disappear.

2.  When we listen to someone really frustrated, do what we promise and then watch the frustration dissipate and then blossom!  This is watching someone elses’ dreams come true-by focusing on ours.

3.  When we are PMSing like raging bulls and help the little old lady, offer an admirer a smile, and just give because we can.  Because we know it will come back 1000 fold.

4.  When we communicate what won’t fly, follow up and see the magic that happens.

5.  When a guy gives us a line of crap, we laugh, call him on it and walk away.

6.  When we absolutely have to be polite to someone who is a certifiable Drama Queen (think work or family) and we are brilliant in our abilities to find a way to remove ourselves from their obnoxious little orbit.

7.  We know when to stop.

8.  If we know when we should stop, and don’t, and because we don’t disaster strikes, we have a sense of humor about it.  (This is me in my Drama Queen.  Yesterday was Labor Day and I spent the entire day redesigning one of my web sites.  Nothing worked like it was supposed to.  Out of desperation I started to copy all the ideas on this web site and apply to the other.  I wound up deleting all the work I had done here.  That’s why the template at Bitch Lifestyle is a bit different this morning.  I’m concentrating on not whining and just doing.  With a very large piece of dark chocolate!)

9.  Sassy Bitches stick together.  We keep each other empowered, focused and sassy!  Facebook Bitch Rebellion:

So how does your Sassy Bitch walk around the piles of shit?  Sky high heels or practical but cute wedges?  (sly, sassy smile)

Love, Goddess

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