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How well do you listen to your body?

Your body gives you clues everyday to your health and well-being.  When we get enough rest we’re full of energy and raring to go.  When we eat something too salty we spend the night drinking water which interrupts our sleep.  When we are exhausted and don’t slow down?  We just keep getting more and more run down and sometimes our cold/flu/whatever—keeps staying the same or gets worse.

Where do you fall on the scale of taking care of yourself?  I’m pretty good. Until I get a cold.  I just don’t want to slow down!  There is so much to do, experience or take advantage of!  I just don’t know how to quit sometimes.  Last week I had the flu.  I was good for a couple of days.  Then the weekend came!  I started feeling better so there was no way I was going to turn down the fun of my alumni weekend at the college I graduated from.  I also had lots of fun planned in Boston.

Flash forward to today, Tuesday, after a weekend of play.  Not feeling great.  I’m I sorry?  Hell no!  Today I will still work, but I will drink tea, eat healthy and focus on all I want to accomplish.  I will try my absolute BEST to go to bed early.  (snicker-so not fun)  Even if I feel better I will take it easy tonight.  Because in a few short days, there is a weekend full of fun coming my way.  I don’t want to miss it.  So I’m listening to my body now so I can play later.

What if your body is giving you a much bigger kick in the butt?  There is a more serious illness, or the cold just won’t go away?  This is your body giving you a much deeper signal.  And sometimes those “signals” are keys to improving your life.  Signals that you aren’t getting.  Because you’re NOT getting them, your body is getting sicker, protesting more, ie:  trying to get your attention.  Listen, pronto!  There is a  fantastic book on listening to your body by Louise Hay.  She wrote a book called You Can Heal Your Life and I use it as a gauge in my life.  I was introduced to it by my best friend Mary Ann.  When she first gave it to me I was all…sounds a little “new age tofu.”  She made a believer out of me.

Why a believer?  According to Louise Hay, all the signals Mary Ann’s body sends her are about anger.  We even joke about it.  She’ll have something going on in her body and call me and ask me to look it up in the book.  I do and will say, “Okay…who are you angry at?”  It’s that consistent.

With me?  It’s all about receiving.  Receiving.  Receiving.  Receiving.  Receiving what, may you ask?  Everything.  I’m going to give you a personal little tid bit about me.  Not one I’m proud of, but one that I understand about myself and have worked hard at letting go.  It’s a realization that I’m grateful for because it has given me the words to relate to you on this website and through the coaching I do.  When I was in college, because of a pattern of giving and not receiving back, OR being pushed away for giving,  I closed up.  I figured what’s the use.  I’m going to take care of me and nothing else.  I was so tired of getting hurt by people who were “supposed to care,” that I decided not to let anyone in at all.  This was the ultimate in control.  I’m over it now, but trust me.  Sometimes this buried mentality gets unearthed.  Usually right at the moment I’m starting to feel vulnerable.  But my Bitch always protects me!

I love this book and am so grateful for Mary Ann sharing it with me.   I now share it with you.  Check out this book.  It may give you some powerful insight to what is going on with you.  It has helped me when my “receiving issue” comes roaring back!

Books by Louise Hay:

  1. You Can Heal Your Life
  2. Love Yourself Heal Your Life Workbook
  3. Meditations to Heal Your Life

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