Living Life Full Throttle

For the last week I’ve been a little stressed thinking about all I wanted to accomplish with my career and life.  Maybe it’s the Spring Fever.  And I’ve been boiling.  Then something happened that was so cool.  Something that was designed to make me feel insecure, jealous, angry, bitter and hurt.  It didn’t.  It inspired instead. It made me realize how much time people wasted being enmeshed in the “nonsense and drama.” 

Here was the inspiration:  An email from someone who looked me up on Facebook.  A woman who sent me an email about a man I know.   She wanted a reaction:  To make me jealous, to hurt me or him or I was a threat to her.  I don’t know and I don’t care.  I read it, deleted it and felt sad for her and this kind of behavior.  What a time waster to seek out someone you don’t know to get a reaction out of them.  We’ve got drama queen going on full blast here, ladies.  Don’t let these women have any power over you.   Leave the Drama Queen to her castle and get back to your Palace.

So I sit here now thinking of the past week.  All I’ve lived.  Thankful that my life is filled with opportunity and fun.  Grateful that I’m not wasting time stewing on something I’ve no control over.   I’ve begun a new business opportunity that will take me a step closer to financial freedom.    I’ve agreed to do something I’d never done before:  performing in a 26 hour improv marathon this weekend.  The biggest non-slumber party ever!  I received my favorite chocolates as a gift:  Champagne Truffles from Teuscher, Switzerland (delicious and decadent; they’re made with Belgium chocolate and Dom Perignon) And there is so much more!

When Drama Queen enters your life, have a Worry Party to honor and dispatch her  Bitches don’t waste time hunting down people to blame or hurt for their problems!  So I’m sending you all a champagne truffle toast to our fun, adventurous lives and our beauty. To kissing the Drama Queens goodbye and embracing the good stuff:  Living life full throttle.

Love, Goddess

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