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Love is an act.  An action.

Valentines Day.  It started out as a nice marketing thought.  Now I think it is has become one of the worse ideas for a “Holiday” ever.  The thought is wonderful-celebrate your love.  The undertones can and will bring out the absolute worse in your inner Drama Queen!  I was chatting with a long time client about this very thing.  We were talking about how awful she had been in the past to her boyfriends regarding Valentines Day.  Here is part of our conversation:

Me:  You-awful?  (playful sarcasm that she definitely understood regarding her history!)

K:  LOL…Yes.  You’re not going to believe what I did.  Well…maybe you will!  Anyway, I told a past boyfriend exactly what I wanted for Valentines Day.  Flowers delivered to my work desk.

Me:  Oh…

K:  He didn’t do as I asked!  He wound up surprising me with something else.

Me:  Wow. What a creep. (more sarcasm)

K:  The problem was I was the creep.  Instead of just enjoying what he wanted to do I made it all about me.

Me:  You were trying to control.

K:  Yes.  And I wasn’t very nice to him when he tried to surprise me.  I am such a better girlfriend since you kicked out my Drama Queen through your coaching!

And…she focuses on something much more healthy…how a man treats her ALL the time, not just one day of the year.  She is now engaged to an amazing man that she would have never appreciated before.  So this is what I want for you on Valentines Day this year.

1.  Focus on all the love around you!  Each day…leading up to that day, tell someone important in your life why you love them.  What you appreciate about them.  You know what I love to do?  Buy those little kits with the stickers in them and hand them out to all my girlfriends.  (Guys will find it a bit silly.  Give them a big hug and smile instead!)

2.  How do I love thee?  Change that to:   How do I love myself?  List the ways you are absolutely adorable.  Post it on your refrigerator, your boudoir etc.

3.  In a complete Drama Queen snit?  “Re-Awaken” Sassy You with my Coaching Special:

Blow yourself a kiss whenever you leave the house, drench yourself in something that smells fabulous, sleep naked in your softest blankets.  Love and adore YOU and those you love now and forever more!  xoxo  Goddess

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