Loving Your Lady Parts

Picture of the delicate, unique and pinkaliscious orchid from Bees on the Brain

How much do you adore your clitoris?  Your vulva?  Every delicate fold of your beautiful pussy?  Did your jaw drop at my bluntness?  It’s okay.  Women don’t really talk about their pussies.  My question is…why?  It’s not considered “lady like.”  Here we are.  With this amazing thing called a “clitoris” that is designed for one thing.  To rock your body with pleasure and it’s not considered “lady like” to talk about it.  Well…as a lady, I say we get talking.  And loving.  And adoring the fact that we have something that can make us feel SO good.

Two things got me thinking about our gorgeous feminine folds.

  1. Guys are so darned proud of their cocks.  Right?  They even name them.  You know how they like to talk to you through their cocks?  Their cock always has a swagger and a deeper voice then they do.  Usually followed by a HUGE smile from him.  He’s so proud of the way his cock just talked to you.  LOL.
  2. The other day I was with a group of people and someone had written the words “Happy Vagina Day”  on a chalkboard.  One of the girls erased it because she was a little embarrassed and thought it was inappropriate.  Of course me…I’m thinking…”Yes!  What a great idea!  Happy Vagina Day!”

So I thought I’d come up with a Sassy Bitches’ 3 Part “Lady Like” Plan to Loving her Lady Parts.  Here we go:

Step One:  We are going to stop being so “lady like.”  I’m not asking you to go run around the neighborhood showing off your pussy.  I’m just asking you to warm up to it a little.  Adore her a little.  Trim her and pamper her like you would any other part of your body.  As you like.  Maybe give the hair down there a moisture masque.  Trim her into a little heart.  Does your man come up to you and talk to you through his cock?  Well, answer back.  Go up to him and whisper in his ear “My pussy has something she wants to tell you.”

Watch his jaw drop.  Then take a moment and tell him what Pussy would like him to do.  Okay…that is a bit advanced Bitch.

Step Two:  Educate Yourself.  Read up.

  1. Junk? Try Diamonds!
  2. Dell Williams:  A Sexual Pioneer for Women
  3. The “Cuddle Hormone.”
  4. Do a google search on her.  Search for the term “yoni.”

Step Three:  Bitch it up by buying yourself a gorgeous orchid.  Make it a beautiful symbol and reminder to take as careful care of this plant as you do YOU.

Love, Goddess

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