You know that moment when someone is lying to you?  You’ve caught them.  Now they’re giving you their “story.”  It makes you feel absolutely awful.  This was a person you liked.  Maybe you just met.  Maybe you’ve known them for awhile.  Doesn’t really matter does it?  We are disappointed.  And for me?  I’m furious.  How dare you lie to me!  ME!  Luckily  I’ve learned how to channel that into something else.


Instead of being angry or if it’s someone I care about – HURT, I focus on the relief.  The relief that now I know this person is a liar.  Now I watch how they respond after I call them on it.  Are they really sorry?  Is there another reason why they did it?  Do they have other “character issues” that make the “lying” that much more pronounced?  The point is I’m aware.  If I’m not close to them I’m relieved.  I won’t get any closer to that pile of you know what.  If I choose to get closer to someone who has lied to me I’m just asking for a bigger pile of you know what!  Choice is a powerful thing.  A Sassy Bitch chooses wisely.

After the relief, I can focus on the PLEASURE of knowing what this person is made of.  Thank GOD I am not close to this person, for instance.  Then if I need to kick box, I do.  It will get rid of the frustration so I can deal effectively with this persons’ crap.  Call them on it, whatever.  So today I’m asking all the sassy Bitches out there to appreciate the awareness of liars.  Be thankful that you are aware – you will not let it hurt you.  Appreciate the fact that you can call them on it and move on.  A lot of liars are cowards.  It’s safer lying because then they don’t have to deal with truth.  They are more afraid of being truthful.  It’s just easier to lie so they can carry on with their crap and or not take responsibility.  Be grateful you know.

And move on to something much more fun!  Like a long walk or a piece of dark yummy chocolate!  This is fully embracing your power and diminishing the liar to what they are – someone to stay away from!  Love, Goddess

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