Make Your Eyes Sparkle-Literally!

 Do a little or a lot…all up to you and your Inner Glamorous Bitch.  Gorgeous example of glitter make up from the Fabulous web site Vampiress Doll

Glamour Week Day Three:  Make your eyes sparkle…literally!

Find glitter eyeliners and enhance your eyes.  (Hint:  Ulta has NYX)  They come in a rainbow of the most luscious colors.  Create a day and night look.  The final touch…along the eyeliner line, sweep a precise line of glitter in the color of your choice.  This will add a dazzling touch to your eyes.  Whomever you encounter will be drawn in.  Guaranteed to get you compliments!  And since eyes are the mirrors to our hot, sassy little souls, it’s the perfect thing to make sparkle!

Oh the homework I have you do…(sassy smile)  Have fun!  Love, Goddess

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