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Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde from A Daily Dose of Vitamin B


Making friends, being good friends, traits of a good friend.  Have you seen the movie “Legally Blonde?”  I would love to have Elle Woods as a friend.  Here’s why:

1.  Elle is a fantastic friend.  She helped her friend land the man of her dreams and was happy for a friend who was getting married.  Even though she had recently been dumped by “the love of her life.”

2.  Elle has Desire and Drive.  It may have been misplaced initially when she decided to go to Harvard for her ex-boyfriend, but she dumped him by the end of the movie.   Why?  She committed to something and learned along the way.  She learned what a loser the “love of her life” had been and moved on, pronto.

3.  Elle has Discipline.  She worked hard once she got into Harvard.  She was a misplaced Pink Princess when she first arrived and no one took her seriously.  Making friends?  Not easy. She made no excuses.  She adapted to the hard work while remaining true to herself.  Watching her on the stair master while studying!  That gives me a little kick in the butt.

4.  Elle has integrity.  When a girlfriend begged her to not tell the court her true alibi, the one that would get her off murder charges, Elle found another way.  When her fellow students and teacher gave her grief, she stuck to her guns.  That’s the kind of friend I want fighting for me!  Making friends with her would be a joy.

5.  Elle’s loyal.   To past friends and new ones.

6.  Elle always looks fantastic! And I know that if I looked a little too “rolled out of beddy,”  she would tell me.

7a  Elle speaks her mind.  When a study group was mean to her at the library, she stuck up for herself.  She said “You know, if you had come to my sorority I would have at least been nice to you.”  7b.  Elle’s pleasant.  She was pleasant but firm in her delivery.  This way of communicating is so much more powerful than a hissy fit or fighting.

8.  Elle’s funny and creative.  She made a video to send to the powers-that-be at Harvard extolling her virtues on why she should go there.  She took a chance, did something different and believed in it.  Elle is always looking for a way to stand out.  Maybe we shouldn’t perfume our resumes’ like she does, but it’s a good theory to put into practice, eh?

Yes, it’s a movie and there were plenty of people helping her with #6, but how much effort does it really take to spend some time on you?  I was at a restaurant last night and couldn’t believe the people that looked like they just rolled out of bed.  It takes a moment to find matching clothes and comb your hair.  Making and keeping friends isn’t easy, but those that stick by you like Elle should be loved forever.

I hereby dub Elle Woods “Luscious Pink Bitch,” of Bitch Lifestyle.

Love, Goddess

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