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You have really good  men in your life.  They’re attentive and do the right things for you consistently.  Then out of nowhere your good man acts like a jerk.  Making wise remarks or being a baby about something rather trivial.  What is that all about? And how does a Sassy Bitch handle it?  First by understanding what is behind this annoying behavior.  The annoying behavior is about:


He wants attention from you.  He likes you, misses you, wants to talk to you.

Huh Goddess?  He’s a jerk just to get my attention?  Why do I have to tolerate that behavior from him?  Well let me ask you this.  Why does he have to tolerate your bad behavior?  And don’t tell me you are Miss Perfect and never act, do or say the wrong thing.  Ever.  We all do.  The difference is this:  When we care about someone who cares about us we owe it to them to find a way to deal with this little snafu.  And it really is a little snafu.  Now on to the secret of dealing with this behavior from a man.

Bottom line communication and humor.

Last week I was on vacation and got an email from a really good friend of mine, Giovanni.  He had an issue, was upset and wanted to know what my opinion was.  I knew right away he missed me and wanted my attention.  So I addressed his concern, complemented how he handled things and asked if he wanted me to call him.  He agreed with my respective and said he was okay.  I think he remembered I was on vacation!  When I got back, we got together for dinner.  He would have my complete attention there (sly smile).  And I called him on his vacation email playfully.  Here is our conversation:

Me:  Have you recovered from the email you sent me?

Gio:  What email?

Me:  The one you sent me while I was on vacation regarding Mat.  After I read your email I said to myself, “Oh boy, Gio needs attention.”

Gio:  (laughing)  Yeah…I did need attention!

We laughed about it and changed the subject.  Would you believe that every time I call a man on his “need for attention from me” they all agree with great humor?  It really is sweet.  It’s like I give them what they want and they are beyond appreciative.  They adore me more.  Warning:  This only works for the men that truly care for you.  Not the jerks that are getting you to chase them, or are obnoxious or rude to you consistently.  If you give these undeserving men attention you might as well lie down on the floor and BEG them to walk all over you.

You can only handle this situation if you are not angry and frustrated with men.  If you KNOW how to dissipate your frustration, understand men and then get in the space to treat them fairly, playfully while also being straight forward.  Wanna know how to get there?  Take my Re-Awakening course.  You owe it to yourself, your blossoming Sassy Bitch and the men who do and or WANT to adore you!   Love, Goddess

Re-Awakening:  3 Weeks to a much better understanding of men, why they do what they do and how YOU can take charge of the situation!

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