Man-el Question #1 How Do I Know If You Like Me?

Let me introduce you to my hot Man-el.  This weeks answers are from:

1.  John:  Single.  A former boyfriend who is a good friend.  He’s blunt and I love him for it.

2.  Daniel:  Married to a wonderful girlfriend of mine.

3.  Giovanni:  Divorced and dating.  He does what he says he’s going to do.  This is a hot quality in a man, ladies.  Watch for it.

So men…here is my question from our readers this week.  “How do I know if you like me?” 

Daniel:  I’m married, but if I wasn’t, I’d call to see how she is.  If I see her enjoying something I’ll get it for her.

Goddess:  Mmmmm…that’s thoughtful.  How about you, John?

John:  If I like a girl, I’ll ask her on a date.

Goddess:  Love it.  John definitely goes for it.  Daniel, you seem to take a slower approach.  Why is that?

Daniel:  If I like a girl, I’m trying to gauge my chances of success.  The goal being a “yes” to a date.

Goddess:  Makes sense.  Men don’t like being rejected.  Women don’t either.

Giovanni:  I generally indicate I like a woman by focusing on her if in a crowd of people. Or if it’s just the two of us then she has my undivided attention.  If I’m fidgety or distracted then I am probably not interested.

Goddess:  I’m so glad Giovanni brought this up.  Sometimes we women put it all on the man to show interest.  We wait for him to ask us, wait for him to make a move, and we sit back and wait.  We forget to watch a man and see how he is around her.  It’s not easy sometimes to ask a woman out.  We can encourge the man a bit by being aware of his body language.   If I know a man likes me, I’ll still wait for him to ask me out, but I will be more active in my flirting.  For instance, I’ll smile warmly and give a man a caress on his arm to indicate more interest.  Would that encourage you to ask a girl out?

John:  That would work with me.

Goddess:  (sassy smile)  It did work with you.  Daniel…would that work with you?

Daniel:  Yes.

Goddess:  Why?

Daniel:  The warm gesture makes me think I’ll get to my goal quicker.  A “yes” to the date.

Goddess:  So, what other things do you do to show you like a girl?

John:  I’ll ask her out, tell her things about myself, be interested in her life and I’ll call her.

Daniel:  Yes to the above.

Goddess:  So if I’m wondering if you like me, is that a bad sign?

John:  I’m going to get into trouble if I answer that.

Goddess:  No you’re not.  I’m asking you that because I get so many emails from women who are crazy about men who don’t call, or if they do call it’s weeks later.

John:  If a guy waits weeks to get back to you, that’s disrespect.

Goddess:  What if he says he’s busy?

John:  If he likes you and respects you, he won’t keep you hanging for weeks.

Goddess:  Thank you for that bluntness, John.  We women could save ourselves so much trouble understanding this.  So in conclusion:  If a man likes you he tries to get your attention, is interested in your life, calls you and does things for you.  He won’t disrespect you by ignoring phone calls for weeks.  John, Daniel, Giovanni:  I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for everyone on this web site. 

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