Mata Hari: That Woman Knows How to Die

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Pretty much everyone knows who Mata Hari was.  A woman convicted of being a spy in World War 1 and executed by firing squad.  I happened upon some information about her this weekend and I was shocked and inspired.  It’s something we can use when we face seemingly insurmountable odds.  I was inspired by the bravery, control and kick-assness she chose to go to her death.

On the morning of her execution, she carefully got ready.  She dressed to the nines.  Wearing a silk kimono, she put on her black silken stockings and her black high heeled slippers with beautiful silken ribbons.  She donned a matching black hat with silk ribbons, her long black hair coiled in braids beneath.  She put on her long, black, fir trimmed velvet cloak.  The last touch to her ensemble were long glamorous black gloves.  She turned to her companions and said, “I am ready.”

When she arrived at the firing squad, she was given a blindfold, which she refused.  She requested not to be tied to the firing pole.  She flirted, smiled and blew kisses to the soldiers who stood before her, rifles ready.  One man, according to an eye witness, passed out.  Another said, “That woman knows how to die.”

I was awestruck by how this woman died exactly the way she wanted to.  Gorgeously dressed in black, smiling into the eyes of her executioners.   She took the control from a situation that was hopeless.  Then I asked myself, could I do that?  Or even better, would any of us even think of being so courageous and brazen?  Would those empowering ideas even come to our minds?

Then I thought, okay.  This can really help us here at Bitch Lifestyle.  We have huge bumps and little bumps in our daily lives.  But none of us (hopefully!) will have to face a firing squad like Mata Hari.  So let’s make a pact.  Right here and now.  Let’s keep our strong, powerful, feminine Bitch firmly in charge.   Commit to taking care of ourselves and not taking crap from anyone.  Embrace being “out of the box” and create a new “shiny my brilliant way box.”  No one is going to mess with our party ladies.  Our choices.  It’s the one thing we have control over.  Our choices.  Practice this.  The next time something not so good happens, think of how you can make it your party.  Smile in the face of adversity and remember:  if Mata Hari can do this in front of a firing squad…I can certainly do A, B or C!  Love, Goddess

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3 thoughts on “Mata Hari: That Woman Knows How to Die

  1. This was beyond inspirational. You are right a million percent! Thanks for this history lesson and this is perfect for Bitch U!!

  2. Glad I came across article…what a way to go out in this world. LOL…LOL…she was laughing, flirting with the guards…at one point one of them past out!!! OMG…that’s is so damn wonderful!!! Mata Hari…way to go girl!

  3. Seriously, huh? Can you imagine? Whenever I’m having a dramatic moment I think of how Mata Hari handled her execution. Hugs, Goddess

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