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Miami Hotness Part One

Top Chef Jeff and Me!
Top Chef Jeff and Me!

I’m back. So many stories. I’m grateful to have this space to do it in. A place where there is no judgement or competition among women. We support each other, cheer each other on and hold each other when we are overwhelmed with joy, fear, tears, or cannot take one more ounce of fun. Let’s start the Miami party.  A South Beach Party with myself, my hot girlfriend Mary Ann aka Spell Vixen and 200 other women!

Spell Vixen and I get there on Friday and of course it’s beautiful. We never made it to the beach that day because there was so much fun shopping, playing and eating to do. Every year on Friday night we have a party on the rooftop of this gorgeous hotel. Wonderful DJ, yummy drinks, water beds to sink into and major amounts of guy eye candy!

And I couldn’t make it. Do you want to know what the Universe gave me to challenge my “fun” muscle? Chafing of my inner thighs so bad I could barely walk. (Combination of luscious thighs, humidity and tons of walking will do that for you) So here I am in South Beach. The goal is for us to push our pleasure—and I can’t walk. And to kick it up one more notch…as Emeril would say, I’m medicating my thighs with the super hot diaper ointment Destine. That made me feel SO sensual and sexy. LOL. I knew what I had to do. I had to “party” it. I didn’t want to. I wanted to moan, whine and dramatically lament. But if I can’t find a way to have fun with this, how am I supposed to be achieving my goal? I want to infuse everyone with joy, laughter, and play. I want to make fun and play what we all live for.

So in honor of that “fun goal” I walked all over Lincoln Street, the boardwalk and more. I thought about the fun once I got wherever I was going.  Spell Vixen and I had a wonderful dinner, and then went to bed. We could party tomorrow. There were 2 parties scheduled on Saturday Night.

Saturday was spent at the beach. We skinny dipped. We cheered the women who were body conscious for taking off their tops.  A wonderful man spent the day giving us massages. (He even brought a table!) We frolicked and enjoyed each other. We pretended to be Ursula Andress coming out of the surf. We took sexy photos of each other, drank pina coladas and oh so much more. The chafing got a bit better in the healing ocean waters.

One of my desires was to have a gorgeous man cook me dinner. I found out the really hot guy from Top Chef, Jeff McInnis’ restaurant was a block from where we were staying: The Ritz Carlton Dilido Beach club. They had a full moon party with delicious tapas and his signature drinks were only $7.00. (Bargain in Miami) Spell Vixen and I were so there Saturday night. I wanted the Mojito that he made on the show. It wasn’t discounted…but we got it for free!  Yay! It’s a Cucumber infused Mojito and it was delicious.  Spell Vixen got it for free by flirting with the super hot hostess. It pays to flirt and not compete with women, ladies! http://bitchlifestyle.com/2009/05/flirt-with-everythingnot-just-the-men/

Everything was delicious. Then, Spell Vixen took my picture with Mr. Hottie himself.  And you know what the best part of it was? Yes, he was gorgeous and friendly about the whole thing, but it was the unexpected: Before the picture was taken, he put his arm around me. Not in the “let’s get this over with way.” He pulled me into his body, in that way we women love: firmly, strongly, closely. Sigh! So hot. So we are standing there while Mary Ann is taking our picture. And he asked me where I from and why I was in Miami.  I told him where I was from and then I said: “I came for your Mojito.” (Which is true…but I made it sound so naughty which wasn’t my intention! Or was it???) He laughed, we smiled at each other and made eye contact. Oh so yummy!!!!

I managed to work that Destine. Yay me! And yay you for every similar challenge you face with fun! Love, Goddess

Next: My Miami boyfriend…the Romance Novel Model!!!

© S Stevens Life Strategies

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