Miami Hotness Part Two!

Contented Purr! Saturday night was so delicious. It started at the Dilido Beach Club  with appetizers, tropical ambiance, food, drink and the handsome talented Top Chef Jeff. The parties started at 8 PM…

The first party was at this gorgeous hotel. Palm trees and sand…all by the pool. The DJ played all those kicky songs that just beg you to dance. And did I ever! I even hopped up on this makeshift stage and shook it! So much fun. I met two new incredible women. One from Boston and another that came all the way from Belgium to party with us in Miami. (That’s a 21 hour travel day!)

The next party was on the roof top of the Gansevoort resort.  More palm trees, another gorgeous pool an even better DJ (was that even possible?) and the full moon. The moon was so bright it lit up the entire rooftop. A group of us shared our desires while dancing to the music in a circle. We attracted the attention of two women who wanted to know what we were doing. We told them and asked if they wanted to join us. One did, but the other was uncomfortable. So the one who wanted to passed on our offer because of the discomfort of her friend.

That’s right ladies, being really playful, pleasured, open and flirtatious can be downright intimidating for some. We were pushing fun, remember? For some in our group, just getting on the plane and participating was “fun” enough. Others in our group pushed the fun envelope even beyond my capacity. What we can learn? Whatever fun you can handle at the moment is perfect. Each time you take a bite of fun you will be able to do more the next time. And the next and the next.

Sunday was more beach fun. A wonderful man taught us how to surf/paddle on this huge boat thingy. (Had too much fun to remember the specifics! ) And was he ever hot! He had the most amazing physic and a thoughtful, patient personality to go with it. His friend gave us foot massages all day!

The next morning it was time to fly back. Sigh! On the way to the airport my girlfriend Mary Ann and I shared a cab with super hot Franco. He’s a romance novel cover model and professional wrestler. He was the perfect guy to enjoy for the rest of the trip. He asked to be my boyfriend. He handled my bags for me, helped me in and out of the taxi and escorted me to my gate. When I started calling him “snuggle bunny,” he loved it. I saw one of his you tube videos when I got home. He was doing all those horrible wrestling things. But I knew the truth. Tough wrestler on the outside. On the inside he was thoughtful, loving and a gentleman.

So what did I learn?
1. I can party with chafing and foot pain! LOL.
2. Being really happy, full of fun and open can be really scary for people you meet. I won’t take it personally and just play with their fear.
3. Being truly fun and flirtatious gets you free stuff!
4. Even though they look and act tough on the outside, men are really thoughtful, sweet and oh so willing to please women. 
5. Whatever “fun” you can handle at the moment is perfect. Just enjoy the moment.

Thank you so much! I wish for every woman who reads this to feel the amazing ecstasy that I felt in Miami. I wish for us all to bring this to our lives and those around us every day!!

Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

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