Miss Perfect

“Ain’t nothing to it, is there, Jack? Remember, they love money so pretend like you own a gold mine and you’re in the club.” ***

Molly Brown from James Cameron’s Titanic.  She knew the rules but worked them to her benefit.  Confidently.  Not compromising herself in the process.   Unlike…

Miss Perfect.  God I hate her.   If I was going to be 110% honest?  She lives inside me.  Just waiting to make an appearance.  An appearance that leads me reeling down the trail to my Drama Queen.  Courtesy of the guilt she leaves in her perfect little annoying way.  So who exactly is your “Miss Perfect?”  Does she live inside you too, maybe?

My Miss Perfect first appreared when I was a little girl.  She wanted so much to be liked.  She wanted to be the center of attention.  To make everyone feel good.  My Miss Perfect was born out of sheer love.  The problem is, not all people are going to love you.  You are not going to make people laugh or smile all the time.  Your Miss Perfect may annoy the “you know what” out of someone else.  So see?  Already not perfect.  So what happens when “Little Miss Perfect” meets the people that don’t like her?  She may try too hard.  Which is only more annoying to the person who doesn’t like her.  So maybe they start to be mean so she’ll go away.  This makes Miss Perfect feel bad.  Guilty.  My Miss Perfect loves to over think about why people don’t like her.  Does yours?

Then Miss Perfect meets people who are jealous of what Miss Perfect has.  It may be a nice house, a guy who likes her, she has a nice bicycle, a new puppy.  Doesn’t matter.  They are jealous and they get mean.  So now Miss Perfect is trying to understand why these people are being mean to her and REALLY starts to compromise hereslf.  To the point where she is being ridiculed, teased and ignored.  There will always be mean people in this world.  A part of us, like Miss Perfect, wants to believe that these people aren’t really mean.   Miss Perfect is too understanding regarding this.  Instead of looking out for herself she finds herself trying to understand, get to know better or even loan these people her bike to get them to like her!  The result?  Unfortunately Little Miss Perfect becomes Little Miss Insecure.  She compromises herself even more.  She loses her Sassy Molly Brown take on things and aquieses to others.   Instead of working around the problem and not letting people bother her, her Sassy Molly Brown disappears.

That insecurity may make you hold onto being “perfect” even more.  After all…here you are doing everything you can to be perfect and not hurt anyone or ruffle any feathers!  Then…Miss Perfect makes a mistake.  GAWD NO.   Guilt happens.   You feel guilty for making a mistake!  For being human!  If they don’t like me when I’m perfect, people will leave me when I’m not!  Yeah…SO…teetering on the very precipice of Drama Queen…

The Sassy Bitch will get insecure.  She will have bad days.  She will have guilt.  She will mess up.  She will have days when she knows she is in her Drama Queen and will not CARE about fixing it!  The “Miss Perfect” inside her will revel in telling her all the ways she screwed up.  At the end of the day?  The Sassy Bitch understands this:

Forgive yourself and let it go. You aren’t perfect.

Because the Sassy Bitch understands this quote…compromise makes her yawn.  Compromising herself isn’t even on her radar.  Easier said than done sometimes, I know.  We have to let it go though.  We have to love ourselves so when Miss Perfect rears her Dramatic Little Head we are aware and can deal with her.  By not beating ourselves up for it.  Forgive ourselves and move on.  Because you know what?  The ones that truly love us?  Have probably already forgotten about it!  And you know the really destructive thing about Miss Perfect?  You’ve got to let go of her and the thought of never making a mistake and never hurting someone.  Because you will.  You’ve got to let go of her so you can fully love yourself.  Insecurities and quirks and all.  That’s what makes you YOU.

Love, Goddess
*** Picture of Kathy Bates as “Molly Brown” from Titanic from the web site Titanic Wikia:   http://jamescameronstitanic.wikia.com/wiki/Margaret_Brown
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7 thoughts on “Miss Perfect

  1. I just received this in my inbox. ‘Perfect’ timing. I suffer from Ms. Perfect syndrome, Nice Girl syndrome, dulling my power so others won’t feel uncomfortable etc etc. It’s good to know I’m not the only one and that there are real ways to embrace the Sassy B*tch 😉

  2. She dwells in all of us Brandi. Nicely said and go you for seeing it too! Now you can get rid of her whiny little butt when she makes an appearance. 😉 Love, Goddess

  3. LOL…love it Brandi. It was so hard to realize she existed in me, too. 😉 Love, Goddess

  4. Thank you so much for this text!! My Miss Perfect has overtaken my stupid head and tortures me! Thank you for all the nice advice I get from this side!

  5. Hi Goddess, well I am little miss insecure whereby I was once little miss perfect.then peoples opinions got the best of me and I tried changing myself to suit their needs. Well I think its time for sassy bicth to make and apperance in my life. Even after the wounds caused by others is taking time to heal.

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