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I had the most amazingly sensual experience today.  And it had nothing to do with a man.

Not that I don’t like sensual experiences with a man (sly smile).   I had been doing some yard work and it’s scorching hot out.  I went inside to wash my hands.  The cool water felt so good on my hands.  So I splashed a little on my forearms.  Then my face, back of the neck…it was addicting!  I thought to myself “Oooohhh this is so simple but it’s exactly what I need.”  Normally, I may have gone off to tackle another chore.  I almost did.  LOL.  So I slowed way down.  It was heaven.  So make a slice of heaven for yourself during this heat wave.  Here is your Sensuality Assignment today at Bitch University.

The next time you have been outside and are way over heated.  Get yourself to the faucet!

  1. Slowly let the water run over your lower arms.
  2. Splash your face with the cold water.  Let it run down your face and neck.
  3. Run the cool water through your hair slower than slow.  Close your eyes and enjoy it!
  4. Put some water in your hands and let it run on over the back of your neck.  You may want to enjoy that one over and over!
  5. Cup some water in your hands and splash on your ears.  I forgot how hot that area gets on a humid day and it felt like pure heaven!
  6. Let the cool water trickle down your back.  Mmmm…
  7. Repeat…slower than slow.  Close your eyes and enjoy!

Love, Goddess

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3 thoughts on “Mmmm…Sensuality!

  1. Mmmm…Sensuality!
    Well, done , idk, emotional, feeling, conected, a simple, thing , that We All have done , Yet, I think its what make Me content, enpowers Me, to live My Life, with, Sensuality! to let My sencers, fill with anything, even the weird, 4 Me , is better, and I Enjoy it alot,

  2. My sensuality is enhanced when I go out to my hot tub in the morning, alone-well not really it’s in a quiet, private screened area in the woods-so peaceful and I just try all of the differ jets and then calmness-no jets. Love it. and I love this site! Thanks

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