Movie Star Carole Lombard Feisty and Fabulous

Carole Lombard
Gorgeous image of Carol Lombard from Classic Movie Favories 

Movie star fabulous.  If there was a woman who could teach me a thing or two about living life, it’s Carole Lombard.  Fiesty, bawdy, brilliant comedianne and actress, always fighting for the underdog, philanthropist, witty and intelligent.  I could go on and on.  Today I’m going to share some beautiful pictures and some awesome quotes about and by Carole.   Imagine how fun it would be to spend the day with a woman like her!

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Fun facts:  Alfred Hitchock created the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” so he could work with Carole.  Could you imagine “Gone With the Wind” without Clark Cable as Rhett Butler?  We can thank Carole because she was the reason he took on the role.  He was insecure about his ability as an actor.  Her belief and strength gave him the courage to tackle the role.  Remember that with your man.  Your man wants a strong woman to believe in him.  A woman who believes he could tackle anything and win.  And if he loses?  She still looks at him and believes he’s the biggest winner ever.

“Don’t burn over criticism.  Stand up to it like a man.” Carole Lombard

Here’s Carole giving Clark Cable a well deserved kick in the ass.  Clark Gable tried to give our Bitch Carole some crap.  In public-and not to her beautiful face. She gave it right back by putting a picture of him on a ham and presenting it to him in public.  TO his handsome face.  Love it.

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“We called her The Profane Angel because she looked like an angel but she swore like a sailor. She was the only woman I ever knew who could tell a dirty story without losing her femininity.” Film Director Mitchell Leisen

Some gems from Carole:

“Be efficient. . . Don’t men marry their secretaries?”

“Give ‘em a laugh, that’s the best doctor in the world!”

“Women have an advantage in business. Men are so secure in their belief that they are supreme in business that they are often caught napping by alert women. Man thinks he’s dealing with an inferior brain when it comes to woman, and that makes him a sucker. Furthermore, women have a highly developed sense of intuition that’s just as valuable as hardheaded logic.”

“A girl needs a strong defense. When I was looking for jobs in show business, I found that men in booking offices got ideas. I discovered that if I could startle them sufficiently, they soon got their minds back to business.”

“MAYBE it is true that I have a habit of being abruptly outspoken and not mincing my words. I’ve never believed in kidding myself by calling a spade a garden implement. But never in my life have I ever said anything for the purpose of embarrassing anyone, or for the effect of being called the most startling woman in Hollywood.”

Carole Lombard owned who she was.  She didn’t care what people said.  Even if the press named her “The Most Startling Woman in Hollywood.”  This statement alludes to the fact that she always had the best intentions, regardless of what she said or the spin others put on it.   She didn’t let what “Others” said or thought about her affect her.  She knew that by doing that she would fan their toxic words into flames.   Here’s to you, Carole!  Love, Goddess

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