My Hot Gift to You…Ready?

That’s right.  I have a hot gift for you, lovelies!  And his name is Jason.

Jason is a man that I have the pleasure of knowing.  He’s fun, playful, intelligent, creative and loves women.  The first time I met him I was in a particularly sassy and bitchy mood.   It’s not often I meet someone who can match me when I’m in full on Sassy Bitch mode.   He gave back just as good as I gave:  and I had so much fun!

He has been a gift for me and now I’m going to share him with you!  Every month he will share incite and answer questions for us.   Questions like:  How do I know a man likes me? or How do I get him to pop the question?  (You all know the answer to that one.  Don’t do anything and refer to: )  

Jason has the experience I want for the task.  He has been male all his life and he has done so with a huge and virile roar of masculinity.  Our common goal:  Creating the most delicious, playful and fun communication between men and women in the universe!  So…ladies, bitches:  What would you like to know about men?   From a man?   Email me your questions at:   

Love, Goddess

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