Negative Emotions: How to Kick Them to the Curb!

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Negative emotions…have you ever found yourself in these sorts of downward spirals?

  1. You are absolutely relishing the thought of an opportunity…then you start to stew and over think it.
  2. You want more than anything for x, y or z to happen at work.  Then you start thinking of all the things that can keep you from accomplishing it.
  3. You have a family or social affair and THEY will be there.  That person who knows exactly how to push your buttons.  How do you deal?  How do you find the patience?
  4. You have found an amazing man.  Your last couple dates beyond amazing.  And he smells so good.  But he hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend yet.  So you start to worry.  Does he like me?  What did I do wrong?  Then you start saying this to yourself…the oh so dramatic relationship killer:  “If I do this…then he will love me.”


You must stop this so you can get to the action needed to help you on your way to career and love heights!

But Goddess…HOW?

With my 45 minute kick you in the ass tool that will help you kick ass in all these sticky situations!  What you get:  a 45 minute live phone session with me so I can show you how to put this valuable tool to use in your life.  You can use this tool anytime, anywhere.  Plus a week of email support.  In fact the more you use it, the calmer and more into your Sassy Bitch you will be!  Rate= $150.00.  Email me so we can get started.

“I never realized how angry I was with men.  Your anger tool has helped me let go and play! My boyfriend and I say “thank you!”  Lara

“Your sessions helped me get over the edgy energy I had been focusing on at work.  I am so much happier and freer.”  Love, Nicole

“I have re-discovered my sense of adventure and play.  Thank you!  Barbara

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