New Marilyn Monroe!

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How cute is this? From Vibe Vixen

I am so excited for a new way to explore our girl crush, Marilyn Monroe!  I just found out that Macy’s has a new Marilyn Monroe clothes line!  Think about it…we can go to Macy’s, be inspired by the clothes and create our personal version of our girl Marilyn.  I found these pictures of the collection at Vibe Vixen: The New Style of Sexy.  Check out this fab site: Have fun!  I know I’m going to…Love, Goddess

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More from the fab Vibe Vixen

 This comes in a gorgeous peony as well as black or white.  LOVE.

Explore and have fun!  Love, Goddess

For more on Marilyn:  Marilyn Monroe Ahead of Her Time

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