Off My Game

I was so off my game today.  After being SO in my Bitch.  I mean I was beyond sassy and witty.  I was surprising even myself with the stuff coming out of my wise little mouth.  And people were really enjoying it.   SO.   What happened?  I found myself at a loss for words.  Ironic huh?  Here I was having no problem talking, bottom lining and witty come backing.  And it was during a situation where crap happens all the time – and I handle it really well.   No fear, crap’s hitting the fan again so what?  Let’s keep on keeping on:

Me:  So the crap is hitting the fan.  Plan A:  Let’s go over here as a group to get away from the fan, observe what’s going on and listen.  Plan B:  After listening we’ll find the best solution for us.

I can do this in my sleep, in a coma, anywhere, anytime.

So there I was.  At a loss for words.  While performing in front of an audience.  Doing a warm up I have done so many times I can’t say.  And I just could not get the words out.  They were rolling around my brain and would not connect with my lips. Normally if a snafu happens I just joke about it on stage.  I couldn’t even find the words to make it a joke!    It was so bad the other troupe members had to step in.

Thrown.  Yet still had to go on…as the saying goes.

Later…a few games into our show.  Another off my game moment.  I completely spaced our set list.  Like ZERO was registering in my split pea brain.   Again my hot troupe members jumped in to help me.  Yeah…so grateful for having these wonderful men who have my back…PURR to all of them.  I’m going to give them all big bear hugs tomorrow before we do the same show ALL OVER AGAIN.  Wasn’t it smart of me to create this show full of “off my game-ness” to fix the next day?

To make a long story short, the show the next day went great.  I had another small brain cramp, but my hot men covered brilliantly.  They knew I was having brain cramps that weekend and just had my back.  No lectures, no dissing.  It’s so nice to have people in your life who always have your back.   Cherish them always.  That is what I focused on instead of my Inner Drama Queen who would have “adored” the chance to beat me up over the mistakes I made.  Mistakes happen.  That’s what we humans do.  Make mistakes.  Some big, some small.  The key is surrounding yourself with the people who support you, have your back and step up to the plate to take over in a pinch.

Big huge warm hug to the amazing people in my life who are always there for me.  I will always always be there for you.  Even when I can’t put the words together…you will see the appreciation shining from my eyes and soul.  So hot sassy ones…appreciate those in your life who are always there for you…with huge hugs and warm smiles!  Love, Goddess

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