Oh No I’d Never Do That. Let’s Do That Again!


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Oh no I’d never to do that.  Let’s do that again!

Since becoming a Sassy Bitch, what have you done that you never thought you would do…and now LOVE?  Make a list of things that you would never do.  Not things like “jump off a cliff.”  Things like…date a younger man, skinny dip, jump out of a plane, fly a plane, etc.  Let your negative little mind run wild!  Keep in mind as you go about your day all the things that you say “no” to.  “No,” sometimes becomes a reflex.  We may just “no” ourselves to death. 😉  We may keep ourselves from trying new things and making some very interesting discoveries.  By making this list and being aware of our “nos” it may help us open our minds and hearts.  Open ourselves to the new, the fun, the what we “absolutely abhor” or to the “let’s do that again!”

What was my “Oh no, I’d never do that. Let’s do that again thing?”  Skinny dipping.

I went to Greece when I was younger.  I was at a beautiful beach in Mykonos with my girlfriends.  On Mykonos you have your half nude and full nude beaches.  We were on a half.  My girlfriends whipped off their tops so quick it made my head spin.  There I sat, surrounded by breasts, clutching my bikini top.  I was SO shy!  I just couldn’t take my top off!  Then I noticed that the male population seemed to multiply and gravitate toward us.  This only added to my apprehension regarding the whole matter.  Finally…I turned over onto my stomach and bravely removed my top.  Cleverly not revealing a thing.  I’m a good girl.  Good girls don’t DO such things.  Blah blah blah going over and over in my mind.

Flash forward a few years.  I’m on a beach in Florida with my best friend.  We lie down on the warm sand.  I’m exhausted from all the fun we’re having and all I want to do is nap.  I couldn’t possibly take one more drop of fun.  Not one bit.  So she says:

MA:  Come on, let’s go skinny dipping.

Me:  Huh?

MA:  Let’s go.

Me:  No.  I don’t want to.  I’m fine here.  (Note…when you start saying “things are fine” they may not be.  Experiment beyond the “fine!”)

MA:  You’ll love it.  Promise.

Me:  No.  I want to take a nap.  (The brat is starting to emerge.  Be aware when you get bratty.  You may be resisting something you really want to do)

More back and forth and then finally I agree to it just to make her happy.  We get into the water.  I make sure NOT to take my top off until no one can see anything.  To my shocked surprise it felt soooo good.  Warm tropical waters caressing my body.  So then we went commando.  LOVED it.  I’m never going back.  Now I’m the first girl to form a “skinny dipping” party when my girlfriends and I are at the beach!  Careful what you resist and say no to.  There may be a lot of fun in there somewhere!

So make your list, check it twice.  I’m not Santa and don’t care about your naughty or nice.  If it puts a “let’s do that again” smile on your face and opens your heart and mind for more, then this Queen Bitch is happy and ohhhhh so proud.   xoxo Goddess

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