Opening Up and Letting Go

This week I decided to give myself a little theme.  Something fun to focus on.  You know the Worry Party I talk about? This can be applied to anything in life.   I’m calling the theme for this week “Opening up.”  Opening up to new experiences, fears, tastes, activities and the biggest of them all…love.

I’m talking about loving and opening up to everyone I meet.  Sending a sunny smile out there, a laugh, a tickle, a warm embrace.  Opening up to more love from more people.  New friends, old friends and family.  Love is an act and to get more you have to put it out there.   And trust that it’s going to come back to you.  Smile at the hiccups on the path of loving.   What fun are hiccups?  LOL…actually, they can be very funny.  But it’s a relief to say good bye to them too.  Whoa…the hiccup metaphor is simply this:  Smile at curve balls thrown your way, take a deep breath and then get back to focusing on opening up to fun and love.  There’s so much wonder that surrounds us everyday.  Don’t let the hiccups distract you.  Couldn’t resist one more. 

Your assignment is to throw all the love you have out to the world.  See what comes back.  Want to Bitch it Up even more?  Tell one of your deepest darkest most wonderful thoughts or desires to someone you love.  Just because.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

Love, Goddess

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