Our Love Affair Day 3…Yay Angry Bitch!

We’ve loved our beauty and appreciated the good around us. It’s time to love the “bad” parts that are lurking inside you. Embrace the Angry Bitch inside because she’s screaming truth at you. When you embrace Angry Bitch, it’s like a huge release in your body. This assignment was hard for me because I didn’t think I was angry. I was wrong. I realized I had pushed away anger for years.
We’re taught that being a “bitch” is wrong in our society. She is looked down upon. She’s asked if she has “PMS.” (I remember when I was younger a guy had the nerve to hand me a Pamprin when I was having a bad day. He was the reason for my bad day! I was too pissed off to clearly communicate this to him) Today we’re going to transfer out of “Angry Bitch” into “Calm/Bitch.” Calm/Bitch has released the anger and discovered the truth behind it. She communicates in a clear, unemotional way to those who’ve pissed her off. Because of this, she doesn’t have these 2 problems:

1. People don’t walk all over her
2. Males can’t push the “emotional” button in her.
Yup. Men know we are emotional and use it against us all the time. Time to stop that little game, pronto. Remember my “friend” who gave me the Pamprin when I was having a bad day? He pushed my emotional buttons perfectly and he knew what he was doing. Today…no way! I would have calmly said something along these lines: “The thoughtfulness behind this gesture is perfect because of the gentleman you’ve shown me to be today.”

When you get angry, it’s important to “release” the Angry Bitch first. Here’s a perfect example. I was at a boot camp workout with punching bags. The trainer was at the bag next to mine. She was pushing the girl next to me to use her anger to work out harder. At first the girl was screaming incoherently. Then she started saying clear as a bell: “You never ask me how my day was! Punch punch kick punch! I turned to her and said, “How was your day, honey?” Laughter. Let’s review:

1. She released her anger in the workout…the first stage was incoherent.
2. As she released her anger the truth clearly came out. She wanted her husband to ask how her day was.
3. Laughter. We were able to “play” with that anger.

Assignment: Find a constructive way to ‘release” Angry Bitch so you can identify the truth and deal with it in a constructive way. Extra points if you can laugh at the drama involved! Some ideas:

1. Find a punching bag. Get physical to punch and kick away your anger.
2. Find an appropriate “angry” song and dance your cute butt off (Joan Jett and Pink have a lot of good ones)
3. Get a timer. Set it for 10 minutes and vent. Pick a subject that pisses you off. Do it alone or call a friend. Stop at 10 minutes. Do this daily until you’ve gotten rid of all Angry Bitch.
4. Scream…pound the ground, anything to get it out.

It might be a bunch of things pissing you off. This takes time. After you’ve done your “Release the Angry Bitch” assignment do something good for yourself. It’s important to do something to make you feel good, celebrate the Angry Bitch and the truth to come. If you have questions about any of this, please ask. Rock Angry Bitch. Love, Goddess

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