Our Love Affair Day Five. Dating: Rules Schmules

I see date rule books all the time: How to be “date able” to a man. What to do to “land a man.” How to “please a man.” They’re all about HIM. How to get HIM to like you.  Please…give me a huge break.

I took a wonderful seminar on male/female communication. It featured a panel of men. Women were free to ask them any questions they had about them being “male.” I’ll never forget one question and answer.  One woman asked the men “How do I know if you like me?” One of the men answered, “Trust me when I say, we like you!” So in honor of the wonderful honesty from this beautiful man, let’s get to today’s assignment. It answers this important question:

What does HE have to do to have the privilege of dating hot little you?

Assignment: Create your own Dating Rules. No one knows what you like and don’t like better than you. What will make you feel loved, respected, admired and cherished? Write in your “Love Affair Journal” everything that comes to mind. If you would like to share these with me, I would love to see them. 

Remember my hot dating desire from past blogs?  I want a slow seduction.  I want to have long soft kissing sessions, without them necessarily culminating into sex.  I don’t want to be rushed and I’m savoring the romance that is to come! I’m playing with this dating desire—calling myself “Simmering Seductress.”  I have been stating this desire to the men I’ve been dating.  Open honest communication.  When they say they want “sex” as an answer back, it’s perfect.  I wish them luck.  Absolutely no animosity.  I communicate my desire to the next man.  And you know what?  The men who just want “sex” keep coming back, LOL.  When we get together for a date, they are totally respectful, treat me like a Goddess and don’t push me into sex.   It’s perfect because I know that I’m the one in control.  And all I did was tell them what I want.

So let’s hear it…what is your dream romance?  You deserve nothing less.  Women are attractors, magnets.  Let’s enjoy that fact…and go from “passive” in dating, to “kick-ass” in dating! 

Love, Goddess

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4 thoughts on “Our Love Affair Day Five. Dating: Rules Schmules

  1. It makes me feel sick when I see these articles on “how to please men” or how to keep your men Where is our dignity ladies????
    Stand tall flick your hair back and look over his shoulders cause guess what?
    Grass is greener on the other side.

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