Our Love Affair: Day Six…The Party!

It’s here…the last day of our Love Affair. But it’s really only the beginning. It’s just the start of falling in love with ourselves. Everyday you will discover something more to love about you. It’s time to celebrate. You know how we have Bachelorette Parties to celebrate getting married? It’s time for a party to celebrate our being single, luscious and in love with ourselves!

Assignment: Throw a “Love Affair Party!”

Get all your girlfriends together. Send fancy cards or Evites. Plan a fun night celebrating being women. Together. Use all the skills you’ve developed this week to prepare. Adore yourselves, dance, eat delicious foods and drinks. And then, at the end of the night be deeply thankful for all you have experienced.

Yay! Love Affair! I’m sending you all the most perfect kiss, raising a pomegranate margarita (perfectly chilled up with salt) and toasting to you and your new found love!

Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

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