Our Own Love Affair: Day Two…

How are you lovely ones? Did you adore yourself and be thankful today? Today’s assignments are all about “appreciation.”

Assignment #1:  Appreciate the people that love you and are always there for you.
1. Tell your Mom you love her.
2. Call or email those really close to you and tell them you love them. Even better mail them a card or send them an “Evite Card.”
3. Give the men in your life: father, son, brother, lover…a thank you. Note something they do for you and tell them you really appreciate it.
4. Do your little “adoration assignment” and privately appreciate those around you that love you.

Assignment #2:  Really appreciate a man today. Any man. Your lover, potential lover, or flirt your ass off with someone. Would it surprise you to know that men really just want to make a woman smile? Contribute to your happiness? Just like women…men love to be admired and appreciated. You can do it with a smile, a flirtation, a thank you or a warm hug. Just light a man up in this simple way today.

Extra Credit Assignment #3:  Appreciate some kick ass women! Here are some movies for you to enjoy:
1. “Ever After” starring Drew Barrymore. In this Cinderella story, our Cinderella saves the Prince: literally and figuratively! You will be cheering on Danielle and her spicy style.
2. The Notebook: This is a great love story between a feisty girl and a gorgeous guy. They really love each other. Good times and bad, flaws and all.
3. The Wedding Date: You’ll chuckle as our heroine jumps through very expensive hoops because of an ex-boyfriend. We’ve all jumped through those hoops. Let’s stop jumping and start loving ourselves!

That’s it…just a few things for you to do and play with. Tomorrow we will learn how to celebrate the bitch in all of us. Yay bitch! Love, Goddess

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2 thoughts on “Our Own Love Affair: Day Two…

  1. if you flirt your ass off with a man (any man) isn’t that chasing him? I’m just coming out of a 12 year relationship (marriage) where I was severely disrespected but it was my fault because I didn’t teach him how to treat me. I was disrespecting myself. I’m learning to undo this. I LOVE my own femininity and am enjoying the attentions of several men at this time (I’m SO bad haha).

    I’m just a little confused on who’s chasing who if you’re in the flirting mode. Is sending initial flirts chasing? Can you clarify for me?



  2. I LOVE your question!
    When I was younger, I refused to flirt. I thought it was being “phony” or “sending “mixed signals.”
    Flirting…when done in it’s highest form-and I’ll explain that in a moment, is delicious play! You aren’t chasing him. You’re enjoying him. And he is enjoying YOU enjoying
    him. 😉 I say in it’s “highest form” because a lot of times we’re taught flirting is phony, trashy or other such hogwash. There’s a
    huge difference between enjoying flirting and doing it because you feel like you have to. Does that make sense?
    Check out this article I wrote about it for more: http://bitchlifestyle.com/2010/04/survivor-learn-the-art-of-flirting-from-a-villainess/ If you have any more questions, let me know! Love, Goddess

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