Our Own Personal Love Affair…Day Four

Today it’s simple. Assignment: Make others around you feel good.

I love making other people feel good. Putting a smile on someone’s face. Strangers and people I know.  One thing I’m doing this Valentines Day is giving out a bunch of Valentines to women. Even ones I don’t know! I got one of those cute “Bratz” kits with temporary tattoos in them. I’m decorating them and handing them out. So fun! Here are some more “Making others feel good ideas:”

1. Get a co-worker coffee or tea.
2. Make some cookies tonight and bring them to work tomorrow.
3. Make a big heart shaped cookie with your name in the middle. ( Okay…that isn’t one, but I couldn’t help slipping in something fun for US to do too! )
4. Hand out Valentines to people who wait on you during the day. At the coffee shop, restaurant, dry cleaners, grocery store.
5. Send a thank you card to someone. Or a small gift. Don’t tell them who it’s from!
6. Buy some flowers and hand them out to all those beautiful older ladies.
7. Find something gorgeous about people you meet all day long…and tell them about it.

Love and a Big Tickle, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

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