Out of Your Box!

One of my favorite quotes ever from Joie de Vivre:  http://heidisjdv.blogspot.com/2012/01/terror.html

New year…new quote to embrace and live!  Time to embrace whatever it is you want this year.  How about embracing something that as we get older can get harder to do.  Stepping out of your comfort zone!

But Goddess…I have all these New Years’ Resolutions to keep!  I must do this and then do that in order to keep all my ducks in a row.  I’m busy.  I like my box.  It’s safe, neat and I know how to handle everything that enters it.

Great.  I’m so proud of you for keeping your life organized, safe and moving forward.  That is the responsible, adult, Sassy Bitch thing to do.  I’m asking you to go further this year.   I’m asking you to make ordinary New Years Resolutions FUN.  Yes, it’s possible.  Even the tough ones.  We are going to start off with the hardest one right here and now.

Getting Healthy

This one is tough to make fun.  It was hard to begin with but now there is the “food police” out there.  Their mission is to make you feel guilty about everything you put in your mouth.  Except if it is organic, non-fat and loaded with broccoli.  It’s important to take care of your body and what you put into it.  Remember:  The food police is making MONEY off this.  Off your guilt:  making you feel guilty about enjoying “certain” foods.  Yeah…that’s lots of fun.  (dripping sarcasm)  So be a Sassy Bitch and do your own research.  Eat what makes you feel good and enjoy it.  Especially if this happens to you:

For my birthday last year I ordered (after a week of being a good girl) my favorite dish at this Mexican restaurant near my home.  Nachos!  The reason why they are so good is they don’t microwave them…they bake them.  Mmmm…  Anyway, the girl next to me and I had been talking and when I ordered them I purred…

Me:  The nachos are so good here.  I’ve been looking forward to the yumminess!

Her:  (In a condescending voice) Well, good for you!

What am I ten?  (more dripping sarcasm)  The food judgement thing is everywhere.   Food is meant to be enjoyed.  Savored.  Food judgement can cause us anxiety.  Which may cause some of us to over eat dealing with the judgement.  LOL.  So what am I asking you to do?  Switch it.  Instead of thinking how bad you are for eating something “fattening” or “non PC foods” focus on enjoying the new.  Google your faves and then add “healthy.”  Example:  Garlic+pasta+artichoke hearts+healthy.  I have a new fave “healthy” dish that I love.  Roasted asparagus, olive oil, garlic, lemon and artichoke pasta.   Mmmm…I’m making it today!  So what new yummy dish will you discover?


Focus on how good you feel after you work out instead of how badly you don’t want to before.  Relish that feeling after the workout.  Relish your shower, relish your body, how your clothes are getting looser and you are feeling oh so much better!

I think that’s enough for one day.  😉  So get in there and find some yummy, healthy and tasty new dishes and savor how your body feels after working it!  xoxo Goddess

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