Over Thinking Your Man

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Over think?  I’d rather nap or write in my little pink book of pleasures! ****

Over thinking is one of the biggest time wasters of all time!  If you have a question ask.  You can run it by a close girlfriend if necessary.  BUT if you find yourself posting questions about a guy, work problem, family problem on public internet forums?  Chances are you are looking for an answer you won’t get.  You are delaying action necessary to move on to more important things.  This is Drama Queen if full force.

Some of these forums are cool.  I get it.  I post on them to help people because I love helping people.  What I have noticed (in a lot of cases) are the same people asking the same questions all the time!  These public forums are getting busier and busier and more Drama Queen Dramatic!  Strong Sassy Bitches have taken the time to develop good relationships with people who care about them.  Develop these relationships for yourself.  Trust that they have your best interests at heart.  Don’t waste your time by rehashing the same thing over and over on Facebook, Internet Forums, Twitter, whatever.  Move on to way more productive things.

I know what it’s like to over think.  I love to think, ponder and learn.  I’ve learned when to revel in thinking and when to take action.  Do this for yourself, Bitch!  Love, Goddess

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****Image from Eco-Friendly Freckles http://ecofriendlyfreckles.blogspot.com/2010/09/i-need-your-opinion-about-my-hand-made.html

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