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Feeling Delicious About You

I wrote this blog because I had just worked out. And I felt delicious! My heart was gently pounding, my muscles had been stretched and challenged, I was thirsty from the exertion, and my face was flushed and glowing! It amazes me how much better I feel after working out. It also amazes me how much I don’t want to work out in the moments before starting to work out. I come up with every excuse in the book. No way. I have too much to do today. I hate sweating. It’s boring. It’s Monday. It takes so long! I’m tired. Etc, etc. So…how do I get to the fun? The delicious feeling I have after working out? Good old “fun” analysis. Just like savoring, passion and flirtation, I have to find the magic formula to keep me feeling delicious.

My first thought was: I’m resisting the good feelings. I’m resisting the endorphins that give me energy and glow for the remainder of the day. Why would I do that? Just like we say “no” to the fun in anything. We don’t take the time and savor what makes us feel good so we feel good less. Like my earlier blog on fear: We are a “no pain no gain society.” Let’s apply this quote to working out. Who wants to focus on “no pain no gain?” That’s no fun. The fun part is enjoying how amazing you feel after. Right?

What I want: The deliciousness I feel after working out. What will get me to that delicious glow?  My analysis on the subject has to include what I don’t like when working out. My researched solution is italics.

  • I don’t like the word “exercise.” LOL. So I will call it “moving my body.”
  • I don’t like routine. So I cannot “commit myself” to just one program. So I won’t. Because I like variety I will have a variety of ways to “move my body” at my disposal (Netflix, Exercise TV or purchase different DVDs) When it’s nice outside I’ll try new activities.
  • Sometimes I don’t feel like doing an hour of activity. Or 30 min. Or 20 min. Thank goodness for On Demand. They have 10 minute “move your body” segments. I can do a little here and a little there.
  • Whenever I don’t want to “move my body” I focus on how good I feel after I do. Those endorphins feel so good. I glow and feel delicious. I say this over and over and let it wash over me.
  • If I really truly do not want to “move my body” I will not beat myself up about it. Because it’s not fun beating myself up!

Switching to this way of thinking takes practice. It didn’t happen to me overnight. But isn’t focusing on what feels good so much more fun? If you would like to take a bite out of this way of thinking, check out my other posts. They are full of ways to find the fun. Remember…a delicious you is a pleasure to everyone around you!  Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies



Fun 101: Carve Some Fun Out of Your Busy Day

Gorgeous reader: I’m asking you to take a moment out or your busy day and play with me. It will be such fun. Your smile will make me smile! My “fun list” is short and sweet. If you’re feeling like you want more fun…pick another idea. Or make up your own idea of spontaneous fun. I’m always looking for new fun, so I would love for you to share your “fun” idea with me.

Here we go:

  • When was the last time you tickled someone? Find someone to tickle.
  • Get some tea. Not just any tea…one of those fancy exotic teas. Brew a cup and savor.
  • Go to a store and try on something gorgeous. Revel in how hot you look.
  • Read something you have been dying to read: something that has nothing to do with work.
  • Apply some lotion to your body really slowly. Again…savor.
  • Take a piece of chocolate and let it slowly melt in your mouth.
  • Put something on your desk that makes you smile. (A silly bobble doll, perhaps?)
  • Blow a kiss to someone…or yourself.
  • Light some incense or your favorite candle. Enjoy the wafting scent around you.
  • Craft along with your children. Create something from your soul.
  • Take a moment and really look at a piece of art in your home. Have an intellectual conversation about it to someone later. (Even if it’s been hanging there for years!)

Let me know how it goes! Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

Flirt with Everything…Not Just the Men

During the past few weeks I’ve had men tell me they want to worship me. Make my thighs, lips and breasts tingle…and then make me beg for more. They want to make me laugh and smile. Even sing songs for me over the Internet from miles away! How they would love to treat me like the Goddess I am. Flirting with all these men takes practice. But it’s so fun!

Three years ago I thought flirting was degrading. Something you do with a man to “get something from him.” So I rarely did. Then I noticed that when I flirted with my girlfriends or nieces…it felt really good. You know those cute little exchanges you have with your friends? “We are so hot tonight….it’s almost not fair!” It’s all about being in that spot where you feel beautiful, sassy and playful. Have you noticed what a magnet you become? Your sense of fun is brightening everyone and everything around you. Your joy is bringing joy.

So let’s get our flirt on! This may come naturally to some. It may take some practice for others. It’s all cool. Just take a moment to play and don’t beat yourself up. In fact, try not to plan. Just say to yourself, okay…time to flirt. Look around you. If your Mom is around, flirt with her. Your cat? Flirt with him. This is going to help you so much with males.

When you start flirting with men, flirt with all of them. Not just the ones you think are cute or feel attracted to. Flirt with the bus driver, the cab driver. Give them a big ol’ smile when they do their job in your presence. Thank them with a twinkle in your eye. Men love to be appreciated and it will make you both feel good. Play play play!!!!! Then…when you meet a man you really like, you will probably already have a stable full of men that are worshiping you. Then…and this is most important…you won’t be dependant on that one guy to make you feel good.

Let a guy say beautiful things to you. We ladies love to be admired, don’t we? Don’t let judgment creep in. Keep it simple. Enjoy it and thank them. Just stay focused on what you want in the dating world. What I want is a slow, sensual seduction over time with a man. I state what I want and see if he delivers. Give him time to make up his mind.

Two of the men in my life we’ll call “Scorpio” and “E.” Scorpio and I have tons of chemistry, he’s smart, gorgeous and treats me like a lady. So yes…I like him. “E” is a man I’m not sure I want date. But it’s not fair to not give him a chance. Remember Charlotte from Sex and the City? She married a guy that she thought was perfect. They divorced. Another man she whined was not her “type” at all. They married and ended up blissfully happy. It surprised the hell out of her. Be open to surprise…open your eyes to new guys! Play with them, communicate with them and tell them exactly what you want. Don’t worry about the outcome. Remember…fear is a future emotion.

Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions! Love, Goddess.

© S Stevens Life Strategies

What You Can do to Land a Man! Give Me a Break.

Fun vintage pin up from the website http://31.media.tumblr.com/


I watched a morning news show today, ladies.  Apparently there is a best seller on the market right now that tells ya’ll how to “land a man!”  I knew where they were going with this.  I so wanted to flip the channel.  But we’re all falling in love with ourselves aren’t we?  So, in the spirit of our common goal I watched and listened.


I was assured up front that these were some of her “best tips” on how you should “land a man.”  It was all about pleasing him.  What a shocker. Now I’m not saying “do nothing” to please your man.  When you care about someone and you’re having fun and respect each other it’s reciprocal.  What I don’t want to see us do is make it all about him.  Her “best tips” are in italics.  My thoughts follow:


1. Make sure your bedroom isn’t too frilly, girls!  You don’t want to scare him.  As an example a bed was shown that was dressed in grey sheets.  Grey sheets?  I am so not a grey sheet girl.  What do you think the chances are of me changing my bedroom around for HIM?  I have a gorgeous pink boa above my bed.  I love pink boas.  They make me feel sexy.  And I have used them on men for our pleasure. (Slowly caressing each other with a pink boa is SO fun and sensual!) I’ve never had any complaints. The boa stays.


2. Throw away all those beige bras!  They are not sexy.  Excuse me?  I love my beige bras.  I find them to be comfortable and practical.  Love the frilly ones too and yes they make me feel sexy.  But do you really think if you are standing in front of a guy in a beige bra he really cares about the bra?  Do you think he is saying to himself:  “God…she’s gotta throw out those beige bras in order to “land me?” This may be a little more accurate…”Mmmmm….breasts.  Whoo hoo!!!!!”


3. Next was advice on various things you don’t want to “pop out” on a date.  Falsies, nails, etc.  Dolly Parton has broken all those “pop out” rules since she was a teenager.  She loves herself and is a brilliantly successful woman.  She is utterly charming and says point blank:  “This is who I am…take it or leave it!  Love me for who I am.” Yay Dolly!


4. Wash your hair!  Huh?


5. Wear this and that fragrance because that’s what men like.  Of course this doesn’t take in account our own unique sexy body chemistry.  Why should it?  This is all about pleasing and landing a man right?  Why would I ever want to wear a fragrance that would please…me? (In case it didn’t come across…that was sarcasm)


This advice is so demeaning women.  We are beautiful women with our own minds, our own sense of style.  Books like this do not bring us up.  They bring us down.  And women are making these things best sellers!  So let’s get back on the Loving the hell out of ourselves Band wagon!


Your assignment is to boldly love yourself with abandon today.  Do unto your body only that which makes YOU feel fabulous.  I would love to hear how it goes for you!  Love, Goddess  

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