Passions Collide Then Fizzle

Passions collide and then fizzle.  Yesterday I was wondering how a passion filled day was going to fit into my busy schedule.  I organized everything perfectly and then nothing turned out as I planned.  LOL!   It’s so cute how we organize everything to a tee and then it goes into the trash.  Last night the fact that nothing was perfect was ultimately more fun.  Because I made a choice.  A choice to surrender to the crazy chaos that replaced all the passionate fun I was looking forward to.  I made a choice to go with the flow and have fun with it.  

Everything went into the trash after I finished a very busy day working and my walk at the beach.  (Passions #1 and #5)  Crazy communication snafus, sick friends (poor babies!) and numerous other things started happening right before I was supposed to go to Boston. (Passion #2 Improv, Passion #3 Football and Passion #4 Friends)  And I got a little pissy.  I was pissy because I organized everything JUST SO.  I was so proud of my organization and juggling of events.  I was proud of my inventiveness and stamina for passion.

The next moment I had trash.  Then I laughed.  I made my choice to play and have fun with it.  Maybe I was meant to relax more tonight.  My schedule is so busy.  And maybe, just maybe running all over Boston wasn’t the most pleasurable thing for me to do last night.  I do that all the time, after all!  Maybe relaxing and just enjoying my beloved football was the perfect thing for me to do.

And it was.  The game was mind-blowing for last five minutes.  And I got free food where I went to watch the game.  I am so good at getting free food, ladies!  Play with that idea and you will be amazed at what comes your way.   And the first thing I thought when I went to bed was…today is something to write about!

I learned the more I let go of how I think “things should work” and play when things don’t work out as planned, I’m pleasantly surprised by the fun that comes my way.  Whew… that was a long sentence.  How about you lovely ones?  When this happens to you, how do you handle it?  We would love to learn from you.  Learn how to laugh and play our butts off to whatever trash life throws at us!

Love, Goddess




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2 thoughts on “Passions Collide Then Fizzle

  1. You wrote a post on something very close to my heart!

    As a former control freak it was hard for me to deal with life when things went awry, as they are often wont to do.

    I am learning to “let go and let it be”. It is the most freeing thing in the world to deal with the “what is” and not the “what I want”!

    My life, and consequently I, are so much more relaxed and enjoying every serendipitous moment!

  2. I know…
    It seems so simple after we come to the conclusion that the way things are are perfect. LOL…it’s just the getting there!
    Love, Goddess

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